Ferrari 458 speciale set up problems

Hi guys, i would like to have some helps to increase the performance of one of my favourite car, the Ferrari 458 speciale. I noticed a big probelms both with the understeer and with the oversteer. I was able to solve the problem with the understeer but i don’t know how to get more grip on the rear tyres, during the corners, at all. When I drive the car into the corners the rear seems to be very lightweight and the car goes in oversteer… what do i have to change (suspension-camber etc etc…) in the set up? I start by saying that i don’t wanna put the rear and the front wing on the car :slight_smile:

Try raising the Decel to 80%

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Bring up the telemetry and watch the suspension under braking. You may have too much weight transferring to the front under braking. This would cause the rear to get “light” and lose traction. Try stiffening the front springs.

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I don’t know the answer, but I echo your frustration. One of the greatest cars in the world, and I can’t seem to make it drivable.

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THANK U SO MUCH GUYS, please go on with the suggestions… I would like to try every kind of set up for making my 458 speciale the most funny to drive car of the game!! THANK U AGAIN DRIVERSSS

I wouldn’t usually recommend this but for this car you might wanna strip some front aero off.

I created a S class 458 Speciale tune. Search for “Bo” in description. This car was a pain in the behind to tune! Check it out and let me know what you guys think.

I had a very similar problem, but I soon fixed mine. For me Ferrari’s in this game seem to be too twitchy into the corner, and then too loose out of the corner. I reduced my braking pressure to about 80% which made it more stable under braking. I reduced the rear camber quite a bit and I have the front camber at -1.5. I have 0.5 front toe and -0.3 rear toe. Hope this helps, but I did build my Speciale for R class so some adjusting may need to be done.

IRL, the hardest thing about driving a 458 is forking over the money to buy one. But in this game you’ll need a Forza PhD just to keep it on the road.

Turn 10 has no love for Ferrari.

No…just no. The Ferraris in this game handle fine and if you know what you’re doing can be properly rapid (Ferrari F40 in R class anyone?).

The 458 speciale although being slightly understeery going into a bend and having a bit of lift off oversteer really isn’t that hard to drive. Tomorrow I will build an R class one and see how it fares but i don’t expect it to be particularly difficult to drive given how it is stock.

Op the advice in this thread is good - increase the decel setting on your diff and have a muck around with the suspension. And yes removing some front aero may help you more than you would think.

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Dear Mr. Schumacher (aka wacky gt),

Drivers steer the 458 with throttle and brake as much as the wheel. Unless you are comfortable with this sort of synchronization, it will not fail to disappoint. Thing is, keeping a feral ride domesticated is work, a lot of work. More work than we should be doing below its performance limit.

Not even the 458 GTLMs, endurance titans, are spared from Turn 10’s heavy, hateful hand. Here too the car’s equilibrium is ridiculously easy to upset. The last thing a 458 driver needs is reality–rain, fatigue, love taps from competitors… worn tires.

Mr. Schumacher, even you can see the folly in accepting the UNASSISTED, UN-TUNED 458 Challenge, right?

Not Mean, Just Honest

Not quite sure what to say to that really? The thread is about tuning the 458 speciale. Yes stock it’s a bit of a handful and without tcs can be a bit of a pain but it really isn’t that bad for me. Tuned this car is absolutely fine - I put a 5 minute tune on one for R class (with TCS) and consistently ran 2minute lap times - with a bit of effort it would break the 2 minute mark. It actually felt pretty stable.

And your point about drving with the throttle - yes people do but what alot of people don’t realize is that sometimes you have to be patient with it!

I’m sorry your having problems with it but the tuning advice given for it in this thread is sound. I can only suggest you experiment more with it or try some of the tunes people suggested. I will share mine if you want to try it? Please let us know how you get on. There are some very wise people on this forum when it comes to tuning so I can only recommended you take their advice.

And Michael Schumacher? Nah nowhere near that quick, I’ve been a top 100 leader board driver since Forza 3 but there has alsways been people a couple.of seconds quicker than me - they’re the real Schumachers!

I don’t know what I did differently from any of you but with my basic tune the 458 speciale I have built is one of my favorite r class cars to drive, it has a small amount of oversteer but that’s just how I like my cars to drive.

Send me a massage. Try my 458 italia tune (standard version not TF or Spec) if you like it I’ll tune the others.



We’ve been glued to TV screens and tiny Retina displays this past week. The World Series is getting good.

I did manage to play the game last night though, and let me tell you, the 458 you were driving was not the incorrigible one the rest of us were driving in the weeks prior.

Before, 458 was a handful. It seemed every malady a car could have would surface in corners: understeer, oversteer, snap oversteer (and probably snap understeer, if there is such a thing). Maintaining stability meant keeping the car accelerated–you were pushing the brake pedal or throttle the whole way around. It was difficult to pull off consistently.

Now, 458s are not only drivable right off the showroom floor but track ready. The only thing a Speciale may need are tires. Its stock tuning seemed more than adequate.

Maybe it seems easier to me because I have been wrestling with the worse-case scenario, a pair of 458 Italia GTLMs. Maybe it’s because I drive without assists and roll with drag race tires. Maybe Turn 10 quietly pushed an update… I dunno.

What I do know is that handling is no longer an issue.