Ferrari 458 and 458 Speciale sound

I have noticed on the stock Ferrari 458 and 458 Speciale specifically that there is a very loud intermediate noise apart from the main exhaust noise from the car. Whenever the throttle is put down, there is this very loud noise not unlike the sound of static from an old tv/radio when it doesn’t have a signal or the sound of a can of compressed air. I understand that Ferrari’s have this sound in real life but it is way too loud in this game and it overpowers the main sound coming from the naturally aspirated engine. Forza 4 also had this sound but it wasn’t nearly as loud and it was more balanced. This is my only noise complaint so far and so far the sounds of many cars have drastically improved over Forza 4 so I applaud Playground Games. I would really appreciate it if this got fixed so the intermediate noise was not so loud as this Ferrari model is one of my favorites. An example of what I am talking about is in this video: Forza Horizon 5 TOP Speed of this special Ferrari / 4k XSX - YouTube

At 3:35, as soon as the throttle is put down, the intermediate noise is clearly heard. You can notice the difference when the POV is switched to the interior of the car and the noise is gone. When the POV is switched back to the outside of the car, the loud noise is back. For those who say that it is the sound of the wind, it is not true because you can only hear the sound on this car. Also the sound cannot be heard at high speeds when the throttle is not put down. Therefore the wind has nothing to do with the sound and it is coming from the exhaust of the car. If any one agrees/disagrees with me feel free to post a reply. For those who do agree, I just request to like the post and try to bring attention to this so Play Ground Games can see this :slight_smile: