Ferrari 375 Woes

So, I understsand the 375 has been notoriously difficult to drive in previous Forzas but I’d hoped homologation would at least make it competitive in its division.

Boy was I wrong.

This thing just did not grip. No amount of tuning could get it to behave (and I’ve tried stupid amounts of rear toe in and suspension balance) because it has no weight over the rear tires and entirely too much power for this game on a pad (though I doubt it’s any better with a wheel setup). Speaking of the rear tires, it’s stuck with the skinny 185s at the rear. The next level up jumps the PI by more than 10 points when the car is already near the PI limit stock with all other upgrades removed.

I imagine it’d be a lot more manageable if we’re able to fit wider tires and cut the power down with restrictor plates, but that’s currently impossible to do. Every other car in the division is just straight up better than the 375 in every way.

What are we even supposed to do with this car apart from removing it from the garage? Did anyone else have better luck with it?