Ferrari 288 GTO track width

whenever I see a picture of the 288 GTO I notice the difference between the car’s track width in forza and in reality. why is the GTO’s track width that narrow in the game? I like the wider one so much better, they should line up precisely with the wheel cases! I hope to see this being updated one day GTO Forza


I don’t think the 288 looks too narrow. looks about right to me.

OP, it’s interesting you should observe - I noticed this right off the bat. Cars in Fm6 do not look as wide or sleek as their real-life counterparts. Maybe it has to do with a lower poly-count, which can make cars in games look more blocky and less sleek. Also, it’s the aspect ratio of the game - I know it’s 1080p but everything looks smaller compared to Fm5.

In F5 also, you’ll notice the cars generally appear bigger and more ‘up to scale’ compared to their real life versions - so an NSX or F40 for example looks as wide, low and sleek in the game as it does in real life.

Ah… the compromises you have to make to get 24 cars on screen with night and rain at 60 fps…

Fm5 not only had better audio but visuals as well with the exception of lighting and particle effects, F6 does that better. Plus the look in F6 is sharper and cleaner.

Anyhow, it’s just how it is mate, minor difference… go to FM5 and play with the GTO or any other car to compare… car models generally look better.

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my concern with the 288 gto is its awfully slow, this car was the predecessor to the f40…its been slow since i been playing forza series

Well now…compared to the F40, it isn’t that fast IRL either. Upgrade it, and its a track beast to be reckoned with.

Well, the 288 GTO and the F40…

Sadly there there more things wrong on these Cars. Most annoying for me: the weight!
288 GTO: 1160 kg.
F40: 1100 kg.

I say “sadly” because this Issue was also in Forza 5, in Forza 4, in Forza 3 and even in Forza 2. (Maybe also in Forza 1 but I dont had the first XBOX so I don´t know.)
Of Course, we could Upgrade the F40 to his correct weight, but then it´s PI gone in another Dimension :frowning:

Back to original Topic: Yes the Track-width is also wrong and way too small.
But I think on most Cars, not only on the Ferraris.

I don´t know why nobody crys for Track-width as an Upgrade Option?
I mean thats technically not a big Thing (IRL) just Need Distance-plates and longer Screws.
It would improve handling-performance a lotand would just give much more “Room” for tuning!

But that´s just my 2 Cents.

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well what I talked about was not the body of the car but the wheels not lining up precisely with the wheel cases as it should. look how much the wheels are moved inward the wheel well/body of the car.

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Why You No Match The Photo.

I’ve noticed this problem with quite a few cars. Either too far out or in. Would be cool if we could alter track width in tuning.

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exactly! just like NFS 2015 has, Forza needs track width tuning as well!

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I really don’t get why Turn 10 ignores this. In Forza 5 the front AND rear track was way too far in. They’ve fixed the rear track in F6 but left the front track as it is. How can that slip? It’s one of the most beautful cars but they’ve effed it up visually.

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