Feral's Garage {Updated and Editted}

I have done a lot more skins, and came here to update the post only to discover that my filehost had changed policies and now the images could not be seen. Rather than look for another host atm, I am going to share my skins via a FaceBook Album . I will try to find a new host soon so the images are able to be seen here. I apologize for the link, but its the best I can do for now. If you like any of the skins they are in game under the creator “NSF Feral Wolf”, feel free to download them. 671 downloads so far…THANKS!!!

Skin Folder Here

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Hi everyone,I haven’t posted until now as I wanted to wait til I had a few designs before I shared them with everyone. Please feel free to comment, criticize, make suggestions, and express your thoughts, I welcome the input. If you like a design you can search for me in the Design area. Thanks for checking them out…

Very nice indeed good work in here. Your speaking my language. Keep up the good work.

Love that JEGS livery!

Updated and Edited

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