Feels like tire grip or grip in general has changed this update

Is it just me, or do the cars feel a bit more loose since this update? It’s almost as if the devs are trying to force feed drifting.

It’s only in races and it’s since the release. But you are probably talking about anything else.

I didn’t notice anything. Some cars slip more than others.

Maybe it’s cos I’ve been spending a lotta time in FM7 lately. I have a Porsche GT3 tuned for grip that used to be really good, but now it slides way too easily. That’s just one of many. I also had my R34 sliding.

Horizon has extreme grip so it sounds strange to me. But the grip is different during (online only?) races.

I notice about a 5%-10% loss in car responsiveness during online races only. This latency might be improperly interpreted as “grip”. I believe that the difference between offline and online playability is directly related to hardware capability. I noticed this first when playing on a PC with a low-end graphics card – the car was uncontrollable when racing online.

I’m currently playing on a first-run Xbox One and feel that it has the bare minimum hardware to satisfactorily participate in MP races. I don’t know if it’s like this for Xbox One X players, but I have to anticipate my moves fractions-of-a-second earlier with online races than with offline races. Understanding car response through unranked MP races has been extremely helpful preparation for co-op events like ‘The Trial’. I expect that this won’t be an issue with the next gen consoles.

The difference between FM7 and FH4 is worlds apart, IMHO. I rather prefer Horizon over Motorsport when the matter is strictly about grip.

That’s strange. During cruising you have normal brutal Horizon grip and you can drive like crazy. But when I start any race, the grip is lower and I need to be much more careful. Don’t know why, could be tires, could be weather, I didn’t have time to check it more but normal brutal grip is gone during races.

The weather changes, and it can be confusing.

I’m on Xbox One X and no issues on 60 fps.

Have considered that tyre temperature probably resets once you start race event and you start with cold tyres?

Also this. For example I think Porsche 959 Street Racing events from previous playlist were perceived difficult not only because car itself have weird aspects in how it drives, but that races were on relatively cold spring nights and it was raining.

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Nice! I’ll ride out FH4 on the old Xbox One for now. Hopefully FM8 won’t be as demanding on hardware as the Horizon series, because I’d rather wait to see how FH5 runs on “Scarlett” before upgrading consoles. Maybe at that point I’d be better off switching to PC.

And the weather can even change over a few minutes. The ground can dry from the sun, and wet from the rain.

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I did some test runs (results were posted on Open Chat topic) about if dynamic weather has effects to physics and at least back then I pulled identical lap times (lap times within normal margin of error) in pouring rain compared to light rain. Water puddles have effect, but even though they appear larger, influence to physics was appeared to be the same. This was months ago though.

EDIT: Just recalled racing Goliath few days ago and it was raining and bit slippery at the beginning but then towards the end there was sunshine and road became dry and it actually didn’t felt that slippery anymore, so dynamic weather may actually have more than cosmetic effects.

Yes, Goliath was what I did my tests on, also the Drift Zones do the same.

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I personaly don’t feel the change, that or the constant upgrades and tunes I do, for the moment I doubt there was a handling change

Doods. My R34s are sliding much easier than they used to. Something has changed. I have little doubt about it.

I noticed last night that my cars seems to be a bit more looser compared what they had been before an online race, one i had tuned for off road and seemed to stick pretty good offroad was slipping everywhere once in a race.

Nothing changed for me and I’ve put in a lot of hours both just before the update and afterwards. Perhaps some of your settings changed? Or tunes? Game is exactly the same like it was before the update, I’ve been running ranked, unranked & rivals over and over again in multiple classes, cars and tracks and everything is working perfectly fine.

Zero change. It’s, what do they call it again, the “gazeebo effect”.

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i noticed a change as did Verena Mei