Guys watch this video, in forza horizon 2 the feeling of speed it’s fantastic while in forza horizon 3 the wheel it remaines motionless …this is so bad because this game (FH3) it has many problems.
The car when change the gear give a kick and the visual it withdraws , this is (FH2) in Forza Horizon 3 it remaines complitly motionless…

The sense of speed with a controller is incredible…are you sure they dont just support certain wheels? Ask at support…

I think he’s talking about the wheel in cockpit view. In the first two games in the video it was jittering like mad, whereas in FH3 it was much smoother as if the car had proper suspension and downforce allowing it to maintain stability on a smooth road. I wonder which way it behaves in the Motorsport series.

Did you even watch the video?

The game does not feel fast to me. It just doesn’t.

Going at 300+ km/h, it feels more like I’m going at 150 km/h. Horizon 1 and 2 felt good. Forza 5 and 6’s sense of speed is great. What happened here? It just doesn’t have that edge of your seat feel.

Feels too stable… too tame and perfect. Perhaps it’s the way the camera simulates suspension movement (or lack of). Anyway, is it just me? Can’t feel much speed from any view, whether I’m sitting 6 or 10 feet away from the screen.

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You are defineitly having a different experience than me my friend. Blasting through Byron Bay or Surfers Paradise at high speeds (230+mph) I feel like it’s exactly how it should feel.


I have to disagree with OP, i feel the sense of speed in this game is a little exaggerated and most of the time it feels like i am driving some sort of land rocket although i’m not complaining :stuck_out_tongue:


I think OP is correct. It’s like half what it should be. I assumed it’s for dumb down for ease of play.

Train doing 88mph. Doesn’t feel like 90 at all. I feel like it’s half what it is in real life.

I’m not complaining.just my observation.

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Why are you even trying to compare the mess that Horizon 3 is to the masterpiece that Horizon 2 was?

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I’ve been playing FH1 lately and you can really feel an exciting acceleration with the top end cars there.

I agree there is little sense of speed here.

At 150km/h and more the in-game steering wheel is supposed to jitter that much, it’s a matter of road slickness, even with proper suspension, no road is perfect, even less the civilian ones.
And no radial blur or camera shake…

Oh i didn’t realise he was talking about the cockpit view. Yeah your right a lot of the immersion effects are gone such as the kick from geforces when changing gears, steering jitter when driving at high speeds and the camera moving back when accelerating…

This is what I was partially getting at - it just feels to tame, stable and docile. It doesn’t feel like you’re racing a FAST car at the edge of your seat.

At 300 km/h, the camera is so still and you get practically no feeling of g forces (through simulated movement in any of the views). It’s almost as if the devs forgot to increase the pace at which objects go past you after 150 km/h. Between a 100 mph and 200+ mph i.e. sense of speed feels the same. There’s no variation.

All previous FM and FH games seemed to relay a good sense of speed - it is particularly good in FM5, 6 and Horizon 2. Don’t know why so many things get changed in newer games. I shall be going back to Horizon 2 very soon. I miss the car sounds. The variations and accuracy.

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Honestly I thought Forza 6 was the worst in terms of sense of speed… Forza horizon 3 isn’t much better though imo… The camera should lunge massively forward when you brake and it should throw you back in you’re seat when you accelerate but it just doesn’t. In real life when you slam on the brakes you go flying forward but it’s only the seatbelt that stops you from hitting the windscreen and when you accelerate you do really get pushed right back into the seat to the point where you’re head is right against the back of the seat. Even turning left and right there should be some sway in the camera but there really isn’t any. In FH3 this isn’t present though I do feel the wheel shake is 100% correct. In a fast car the wheel doesn’t shake as violently as FH2, though motion effects such as motion blur are not present in FH3 which is a shame as well.


FM6 doesn’t have sense of speed? For real? What perspective are we talking about here… all? They actually adjusted the FOV in Fm6 a bit to relay more speed.

It was really really good in FM5 though… you had to go with the flow of the road and it felt very immersive. The FOV was next to perfect in every view.


Hood view and bumper view was good and I did like the motion blur effect in all the views. But I felt the sense of speed was lacking in interior view and both of the chase cams… interior view I felt the camera was too static as I said before and I felt that the third person cameras were too high up which compromised the sense of speed. That has Improved in FH3 and ya I thought Forza 5 was very good for sense of speed. Even stuff like wind noise which was absent in FM6 helped the sense of speed in FM5.

It’s an arcade game after all. And it seems they just went another bit into this direction. The cars are very predictable and I can see that younger people or those that don’t drive themselfes in the real world could be tricked into thinking that this is realisitc.

But lets take a small oneway street, one lane, cars paked left and right. 30(!!!) kph (20mph) can feel like lightspeed, whilst 100kph (60mph) can feel very slow on a highway.
In the game everything below 200 feels extremely slow and it doesn’t change much until 300kph… Thats far from realistic but that’s the way it is.

I am lucky enough that I can get into some fast cars from time to time and the one thing that games can never transport is the physical exhaustion speed brings with itself. 30mins with a C63S just having fun…and you can feel it for days :grimacing::joy:

Yes, speeding has therapeutic value. It’s quite healthy for you!

Wow, people really are scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Don’t get me wrong, the topic is fine, it’s the conclusions people are seemingly jumping to with no argument.

I never knew it was possible to measure the “sense of speed” and that not having it be… high? would support that “younger people or those that don’t drive themselfes in the real world could be tricked into thinking that this is realisitc.”

I drive on the highway a lot. If your car has a suspension, you aren’t going to bouncing around in your seat like a spazzy kid who can’t wait to hold the snake at a child’s birthday party. And unless you actually drive race cars, no, your opinion has no worth over anyone’s, because we are driving on the same roads with the same laws to follow. Unless you can verify that you have been in an Aventador flying down the highway at 200+mph, it’s useless to say it feels one way or the other unless you have something tangible you can argue that with.

I’m sitting here reading these posts looking for an argument that supports either side and I’m literally not seeing one. Just a lot of people saying “no” and “yes” because of how something feels, as well as out of place comparisons to real life (because you aren’t going to feel the vibrations of the bucket seat and look out of the mesh to the left of you sitting on a couch in your mom’s living room). I just don’t know what “half of what it should be” is supposed to mean in this context.

I’m sorry to disappoint you but anyone in the development position would have no idea how to respond to this.

…do you want motion blur or something? Because that’s how you detract from realism.

Loving these desperate attempts to claw at straws to say that Forza Horizon 2 was better than 3 for random bullet points that would be lucky if they were ever listed on the back of the box.

German here :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say up to 100mph you are right, no big deal. Beyond that you really feel a difference. If you are above 150mph the car really moves, bumps and it really gets physical, as I mentioned above. BUT it really depends on the car you are driving when the situations get difficult.
My Corsa at about 120mph is very planted while I feel every little bump in the road and long sweepers can get you nervous…in an AMG or Porsche 120mph is actually still quite relaxing… they get serious from 150mph on…
Another BUT: We have unrestricted, twisty and turny two lane Autobahnen where you are doing those speeds while overtaking cars that are not even half as fast…this adds to the tension. If we had highways like in the US you could be even faster before it gets seriously quick.

The game is still quite comfy at 200mph…BUT it’s an arcade game, so I’m fine with it. I really have more problems with the transportation of lower speeds…