Feedback from a Tier 8 and loyal Forza fan since FM3

Good Afternoon to the Forza community, I’d like to take a few moments to talk about FM7 from the perspective of a loyal fan, Canadian, avid car enthusiast, owner of a 2014 Ford Focus ST (which is missing from FM7?!?!) and certified truck technician.
First id like to talk about homologation and online multiplayer hoppers. Since FM3 there has always been one way or another to use any car online, from custom public lobbies to PI class based hoppers. With the new Homologation system, and the VERY limited selection of online hoppers i already have a HUGE collection of cars with absolutely no use for what so ever. You used to be able to put any mod on a car, and race it at least somewhere online, or even in the career mode. Now these restrictions are so tight from the very low pi index for any given class, to restricting what tires, this makes most cars useless and frankly takes ALOT out of the game. In order to continue playing PI based class racing needs to make a return online asap as i wont even play online in these very restrictive and limited classes.

Second up is short as sweet, as a Canadian I feel we have been completely forgotten, from indy or grand prix street courses to any of our beautiful race tracks, and even canadian spec cars (most are same as us with minor changes, however we do get some exceptions). More interested in seeing Canadian courses and tracks.

Speaking of tracks, its awesome to see some of the old favourites return, however i feel there needs to be more variety. For example a hillclimb event or other point to point coursed would be a very nice touch. That said, the current offering of tracks isnt anything to complain about, however offering rally cars, off road trucks like the raptor or ram runner is kind of rediculous without any dirt to actually drive them on. It would be nice to use them for their purpose.

Cars: Its very nice to see more cars added to the game. However some have been removed since FM6 and its mind boggling frankly. For example 2013 Ford Focus ST and others. Also there are many many cars still missing whether special models or complete car lines. Being a Ford owner ill stick with Ford but it applies to any make: 2003 svt mustang “terminator” cobra, the old shelby mustangs of the 60s and many other mustangs; ford svt lightning pickup; entire lines like the ford thunderbird; and special north american models like the taurus sho (any generation), anything svt besides the cobra r mustangs, ford sister brands like lincoln, and mercury (so many fast Mercury’s and Lincolns) etc. I think u get the point.

Final one i have a few comments on, and thats the very dated upgrade shop. It seems the upgrade shop badic layout has been carried over for ever game i can remember, with little change. Personally feel almost all the content is there but needs a total revamp in design and interface. A few examples:
I recall FM3 had a small detailed breakdown of what each upgrade does, is or how it helps. Now theres little to no information on the upgrade at all;
Some downforce upgrades do not render in the proper colour, such as on the older ford raptor, the front downforce renders as red and cannot be painted;
When painting certain cars, sometimes window tint actually removes all oem decals from the car, as does painting the rear wing, mirrors etc. Disappointing i cant keep the oem decals on the side and have some carbon fiber touches like hoods or wings.
Engine stuff: engine swaps need more details “5.7 v8”…yah thats nice but from what manufacturer (chevy ls engine, dodge hemi etc) and any details to go along with that. Also, engine swaps should bare some realism like in a 93 mustang i should be able to put fords nee 5.0…not some generic 5.7 v8 or v10 which im unsure who even makes the engine.
Also in the engine upgrade shop the graphs show engine hp and torque, but nowhere in vehicle details does it list torque values.
Transmission upgrades, is it a 5 spd transmission, 6 speed, maybe more. Factory upgrade or full replacement.
And finally back to visual mods, there needs to be more variety in downforce mods as well as body kits. If i want a little rear down force i shouldnt have to install a massive with to the back of a hatchback, while other cars have a nice lip wing. Its just inconsistent.

I would like to comment on how well done the forza series has always been. Being such a long list of grumbles i will also compliment on how amazing the new game looks as well as every little detail put into the visual effects. True racers however care more about the cars mods and tracks than they do about how the trees look in the backround or how the wipers vibrate on the window. Please consider my input and know that i still enjoy the new game, but not nearly as much as past games.
Thank you for reading and im open to all discussion regarding my feedback.
Sincerely a disappointed but still loyal Forza Fan