Feedback for switching from X1 to PC

I have an xbox 1 and with FH2 and I’m a big fan. I’m playing with the idea of getting a gaming PC for FH3. My question is: Will there be a fairly substantial difference in graphics if I go with a PC (one that can handle it of course) or should I just stick with the Xbox 1?
I think if the graphics where a major improvement, it would be worthwhile for me to do it. I’ve seen some video comparisons online but it’s always different in person and would like to hear some feedback. Not anti console or anti pc gaming but I might sell the Xbox1 to help fund the PC.


The Graphic Will be Better (But The Percent ? I Do not Know) since pc fps unlocked

but ! How much it will cost you to Make pc run the game smooth at 60fps

thats the question , and of course it will cost alot

Graphic is nice, but i think 60 fps or more is what would be the winning side of PC here.
You’d need some powerfull PC for that though.

If you buy digitally you can play on both systems without needing to buy it again

Honestly, if you can afford a decent PC it’s the way to go. You’ll be so happy with the quality of all your games compared to consoles. I haven’t really touched my Xbox since I went back to PC. The aliasing and framerate is so ugly by comparison it’s hard to even play it. Having total control over settings, wheels and upgrades is so worth it compared to a console.

I wouldn’t expect them to look that much different, outside of obvious boosts to fidelity in ways like sheer resolution (+1080p), framerate (+30fps), and maybe some smaller things like 16x anisotropic filtering on the textures so upcoming road and ground isn’t so blurry. But it’s likely going to require a beast of a system if Apex is any indicator on performance and optimization, but Playground isn’t Turn 10 exactly, hard to guess with that sort of thing. If you already have an Xbox One, I’d agree with talby71 and say buy it digital so you have it on both in the future, and then wait for benchmarks & comparisons to really see what the differences is and how much horsepower it takes to achieve that on PC. If it’s not worth it, just stick to Xbox where you know it will work without hassle and be a rock solid 30fps like the previous Horizons, while likely looking more or less the same as a PC on 1080p.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Argh, tough decision. I will wait for the requirements to come out and price it out. If there is one game for me to build a PC around, it’s FH3.

I really do think the higher frame rates, even 60fps will make it worth it on PC. Even Apex, which the console FM6 already runs at 60fps, allows 60fps in photo mode, menu, and rolling into the track intro, and makes it feel wayy smoother.

Embrace the glory of the master race brother!

I’d wait till the demo is out before embracing the glory, though.

Before I upgraded my GPU I had a GTX 970 and it played all Xbox games released on PC so far very smoothly. I would target that range and up. Try a new GTX 1070 or a new rx 480 if you need to save a little money. I agree that the 60 fps and above frame rate will be the biggest positive about going PC. I have an Xbox one and a beefy gaming PC connected to my sim racing rig. I imagine I’ll do most of my playing on PC because of the higher frame rate.

yes graphics are better but build your rig around what resolution and FPS you want to run that is a major key point

all honesty buy it digital, and save up cash for a 1080Ti that will be coming in the near future.

1080Ti is way going to be way overkill and way overpriced. Standard 1080 and even 1070 outperform Titan X in various scenarios and they are much much cheaper. Not cheap but cheaper. Got a 1070 coming in soon to test out. But if he’s selling his XOne to get a PC i’m betting a 1080Ti is stupidly out of budget. I’d go with a Skylake i5 and a 1070 and 16GB or RAM and an SSD to keep everything flowing smoothly in game, but don’t expect much of a difference.
The main differences will be extra resolutions and frame rates. That’s about your lot. Maybe some more AA or lighting effects but not a whole lot more. When developing multi platform software always has to account for the lowest spec, in this case the XOne. So over that you’ll get some eye candy, but not a lot. I mean those Horizon 3 videos were probably running on PC anyway, that’s how E3 usually works behind the scenes. Even when they say In game footage, they don’t mean Xbox footage. They’ve been caught out so many times now it’s not even funny. Xbox on top of stand, PC under a cloth below it. So the only other bonus you get with a PC is that a PC can do so much more than a console. But if you don’t need that, don’t get one and just wait for project scorpio next year.