Fed up.

At the titles suggests. I am fed up. I am bored. Just…dont feel the love for forza no more. I hate racing online now. Getting took out. Getting caught up in accidents. People bad mouthing and shouting down the mic. Why should i have to wait until after the carnage of turn 1 on the 1st lap. That’s not racing. I don’t want to race in no collision hoppers. That’s not racing. Career mode is just woeful. 2 laps to overtake 14 cars? The money they are sucking out of us for dlc is unreal. The amount of tracks there is disgraceful. If there is a forza 6. I will wait a long time to purchase it if i feel it is worth my time and money.

personally, turn 10s downfall was from horizon Imo.

sorry about the rant. Putting it out there.


So, goodbye?


If only life was so simple eh?

Ever tried tora or vm? Or hotlapping cars you dont usually run. If this dont appeal maybe its time to take a holiday or call it a day. Your choice. I personally love to hotlap a ktm with no assists at all, give it a try, you never know.

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Yeah i like hot lapping. I am waiting on watchdogs to come out. Take a break from this game. Hopefully come back with some love and energy.

I’m hoping the competition from Project Cars will give Turn 10 the motivation to try a bit harder on Forza 6. Hopefully they’ll be back on form, it is a shame that they messed up an otherwise perfect record, but they can still redeem themselves by learning from their mistakes with 5 when they make 6.


The only thing I get fed up with are the drivatars, for me they just ruin a really good game, I’ve tried on all difficulties and still they just do the most random of things like swerve out of the way of a car that’s not even there or brake really hard to avoid a situation that’s not happening it’s almost as if there on the right track but in a completely different race.

It really is now spoiling the game for me I find myself playing ryse son of rome as I just can’t be doing with the consent smash fest of these drivatars it’s like a bad day online every day :frowning:


Bloke Horizon was Playground Games baby T10 just helped out with the cars. Besides Horizon was loads of fun just cruising around and drifting everywhere it was a good game to hone your skills.

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Like the guy before me already mentioned Playground Games was mostly responsible for Horizon. Turn 10 only helped out with the cars and the DLC. Also Horizon is still one of the best racing games around can’t wait for Horizon 2 to be officially announced.

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Spot on mate I’m really excited for FH2 it should be an amazing game.

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nearly choked on my beer.

I must really have missed something if Horizon is the best racing game around. I though GTA had better driving in it


First of, Grand Theft Auto is not considered a racing game… for me. Second, better driving in GTA? Are you crazy? The cars steer like if the car was being pushed. Horizon has a driving experience like the other Forza’s. Clearly one of the best racing games EVER.

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Didnt you find Horizon was bumper cars due to the barriers everywhere making it so you couldnt run off?

Sorry but I think Forza Horizon was awful.

Let me tell you something: Forza 5 was a first game platform. Give it another try. I’m sure it is a good game. New generation test doesn’t mean it is good. There is a lot of problems, but who cares, it is a new platform. They are doing TESTS.


I’m all for weird OT stints, but this thread just got too weird. Even for me…

Yeah. Time for a drink.

Sing us a song, you’re the Piano man! -Billy Joel-

I couldn’t agree more when you said that Horizons was a huge disappointment. What was even more disappointing is when I saw FM5 was based off that crappy design.
HUGE mistake, then they obviously had to rush the production and gave us even more dysfunction stacked on top of Horizons platform.

But the best part of the game, the racing part, is just AWESOME!!!

So TURN 10 guys, when you are working on the new Forza I hope you entirely drop all the Horizons based bull and go with something like the Forza4 layout.


Could you explain how forza 5 is based off Horizon.

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Lol. (@ -Billy Joel-)