February 4th Update Question

Ok, so I was reading the info about the newest update and it mentions several upgrades/additions to the paint feature in FH4 like the different lighting choices and the ability to open doors and stuff like in forzavista. I downloaded the update, but I haven’t found anything new in regards to being able to paint or apply decals. Am I just missing something?

The Feb 4th update for FH4 was only the garage size increase. Today they released an update for FM7 that has the lighting changes and stuff so I think you are thinking about the FM7 update.

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Yep! That was the problem. Even though I had clicked on the link for FH4, it somehow put me on the FM7 update. It really sucks that we can’t get a lighting update on FH4. If you’re trying to paint or add decals to an orange or yellow car at sunset in any location other than the festival, good luck. Especially if those decals are some shade of yellow or orange.