February 27th update

Version Number

PC: 1.260.741.2
Xbox: 1.260.778.0


With this update, we have made a minor edit to one song in the Horizon playlist

One minor change in one song and that take 280mb?

And how it can be that in legal issues it’s no problem to release two updtes in few days, and every bug fix we need to wait at least month to get update.


Does anyone know what the small update on 27 Feb 2019 was about, what it fixed, added, etc…?

I’m hoping that it fixed the DRAG TREE LIGHTS that are out of synch since update 6… I submitted a support ticket for the issue.

Thanks in advance for any and all info.

I just lost the progress of a very long RIVALS session ‘server error’ and then I find out it is due to another update!

No advanced warning, no communication, no liaison ….



Thanks Mods for merging my topic to this one…I seen this thread only after I created my own about the topic.

With that being said… PG and T10… FIX THE DRAG TREE LIGHTS!!!

I think different people can do different types of work, the things they struggle with are those that need coding in whatever lowest level language the game is written in. Music audio can probably be changed using some sort of higher level tool that doesn’t need someone as skilled.


It was over 500mb for me.

Hopefully this minor edit is fixing the song on Hospital Records with the wrong artist name (again lmfao)

Does anyone know if they removed any songs?