Feb 436Mb Update

Whats the deets on this update
Ive looked everywhere and came up with nothing

Nothing has been posted on it yet oddly, either because Turn 10 has a surprise in store related to the update, or the much more likely reason that they just forgot to post the patch notes.

info is usually posted here http://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postst53988_List-of-FM6-Content-Updates-and-change-notes.aspx

would have something to do with the release of the car pack as well as the rivals event

Yes I’m wondering what the CU brought as well.

Do these updates download on game startup for everyone?

they should if you’re connected to online
if you have the " always on " setting on your console it might do it before you startup

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Just wanted to be sure.

Can anyone confirm that this is in fact the case?

When you go to play it will tell you that forza 6 needs an update Do you want to update now
If you dont you cant play online

I thought it would do it when " always on" but it never seems to with forza

I never saw any Japanese writing at startup. I don’t play too often though.

Did everyone have that issue?

I’m not getting the prompt and can’t play online. Must be an issue with my Xbox.

I Guess I will just reinstall the game.


Try a hard reset first
Snowowl has posted hundreds of times how to do it properly

I dont know why people go to reinstall all the time
Try the easiest and quickest option first

Not everyone had the Chinese writing issue …i never did

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Hard reset worked for me.

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The japanese writing has gone on startup which will be a good way of telling of you hace the new patch installed

That was fixed in last weeks patch

Well,400+mb cant be just for DLC,as last updates were much smaller,there is more things going on with this update,pretty much expect something today from Mechberg.

Chinese Writing FYI :ok_hand:
But still no noise

No notes yet, if there are any I’d expect them to be shared in today’s Week in Review blog post.

Updates around that size are usually car packs and new rivalry events.

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“Instant on” is for Xbox Live and the console and content updates (Dashboard), not individual games.

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No idea what it was, I tried looking as well - currently ‘unannounced’.

my xbox refuse to update the new content. I guess my xbox are getting old and tired of all the updates xD

A question snowowl: all my games does the updates by them self. Forza is the only game I have to enter before it register that an update is needed. do you know why?
sorry if its a stupid question, but I have always wondered.