Features unavailable/Unable to upload to servers

Well, I think I know the answer to this… I’m using a console that was previously tied to a user profile that was modded. There are certain features in the game I can use, including personal-created online races, but I can’t access 1000 Club etc. I’ve removed all of the DLC associated with the ‘bad’ profile (and plan to repurchase it all if the console can still be used), and also removed the ‘bad’ profile and any saves, etc. associated with the profile. Is there any hope for me here, or am I doomed to play half a game unless I get a new console? AND, is my current GT (Star Trek Texan) forever doomed from the Horizon servers EVEN IF I were to buy a new console? I’d like to play all of the Forza Horizon game, but naturally I don’t want to spend more money than I have to if that’s simply impossible.

You should contact the developers at forzafb@microsoft.com and give them the full details of your gamertag, the previous console owner and ask them to help sort it for you. Have patience, you will first receive an automated response acknowledging receipt of the email, and then they will need to check the console information.