Feature Unavailable

Does anyone know why or how to fix the error message:This Feature has been temporarily disabled. Please see Forzamotoraport.net for more info. That comes up whenever I try to buy a new car or give it a new design.


I was about to ask the exact same thing - mine happens when I go to search designs or tunes.

Hopefully someone can respond with a solution to this problem

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They say to check this website; yet don’t have any direct link, or posting to the problem.
The main issue is that they are shaking down the servers for Horizon 4; and have removed those features. (Sadly breaking Xbox policy of having a game, and unattainable achievements.)
Just get what you can before ALL support, and servers are taken down to make room for the new title.

I’d like to get some of those that I had planned on coming back to get at a later date. (Rivals, money from tunes, and paints.)
Seems as though I too have waited too long to return to this game.

Good luck chasing what achievements you CAN still attain.


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They give us a game through Xbox Gold and didn’t realise people would play it…

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Pretty dumb move to give away a game to get people in the mood for horizon 4 yet a lot of the features dont work.
It isnt even registering points for it on the forza hub as i though since it was free i would chase down my tier 10 for rewards.

But as always with microsoft no one will answer anyway, we just waste our time posting

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For free cars at least, I was able to get passed that error message. Select a car from auto show, hit A to skip error message, hit A again for colors, pick any color, then it’ll ask if you want to obtain for free (again, only for free cars). I’m assuming it will work with purchasing cars as well.


Same thing happened to my xbox i wanna buy a new car but it keeps saying that is its really getting annoying

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I can do anything except look at club leaderboards and view community content.

Servers are down all you can do is wait.
They wont be doing anything more or quicker just because you are posting on here.
About a hundred people are asking the same thing, so they are not going to be replying to anyone individually.
Just play another more recent game until it is back up.
I’m sure if you add Forza’s twitter or facebook to your feed you will find out as soon as they are back up.

In my opinion, again my opinion, they may be doing what they did with FH1, pulling support, to them it’s an antiquated game, remember FM7 and FH4 is the new thing now, the service may be permanently removed to make room for the new games, unfortunately it’s the way things go

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So this is what I did and it seems to work for me… Press A on a car you want to purchase, you will then see the annoying message (feature unavailable), after it still allows you to press Y to change the color, press why after seeing the message. Change the color and press A. You should be able to buy the car.

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After seeing the feature unavailable message, press Y to change the color, and then you should be able to buy the car.

(NVM it shows you the designs but doesn’t let you download any just give you and error) for the designs if you hit the search after the hitting a on the feature unavailable and search it will give you access to the designs, I’ve tried it for tune but it doesn’t seem to work for them

Im struggling to look at rivals at the moment. Just want to get the rivals achievement finished off.

Any progress, in the Forza hub for horizon 2 I get game score and days played, that’s it. No other stats show up. Also Forza 5 has not updated in weeks.

I’m having the same problem.

Yeah, i’m having the exact same problem…

Problem still exists. Here over a month after the game hit Games with Gold and still stats aren’t tracking and still there minor server issues. Forza 7 meanwhile still having issues with message centre… Getting tiresome. Not even touching FH4 until this lot is fixed.