Feature request: quick chat phrase:”thanks for ramming me into missing a checkpoint" [ANSWERED]

Self explanatory.


Could think of a few more… But top of the list for me is

“You Muppet”


+10000000000 for “you muppet” :joy:

I would only use that.
Someone asks for a drag race? You muppet.
Someone scores against us in a season games lobby? You muppet.
Someone crashes out whilst racing me? You muppet :joy:

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A lot of people use ‘Nice Driving’ in a sarcastic manner towards rammers. During one session there was a guy in a Jeep Trailcat who used ‘What’s the matter, scared?’ when he gets rammed.
I use ‘Thanks’ or ‘Awesome’ when I get rammed and I changed my numberplate to CLEANPLZ just to let them know that I don’t want any of their tomfoolery. Might not help much lol.

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I put “I’m on your team” on the back of my car. Along with “No Ramming”.

I don’t think the vast majority can read.

I’d rather have an “Out of the road, Peck!”


Sure you had a typo on that last word, although the first and last letters are correct… hahaha. :slight_smile:

No typo. Though it’s possible the movie reference (Willow) is before your time. :wink:

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There is a wishlist thread. But this post is insightful enough to warrant it’s own thread. Some other suggestions:
“cheap move, buddy!”
“was that really necessary?!”
“weak sauce driving, noob!”


I use “Nice driving!”, but what I really would like to use is “Your Mother was a Hamster, and your Father smelt of Elderberries!”.

We are currently looking into the ramming and griefing that is happening, as mentioned in our last live stream.
We’re hoping for this to be fixed alongside wallriding.

I’m now locking the thread as no further conversation is needed.

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