Favorite colors option

Hey, I just wanted to say this is an excellent addition to the game. I can use a car’s iconic factory colors and use them on another car without having to create it manually. Thank you, Turn 10 team.

Hopefully we will get more shine on the paints (more depth,less matte) and multicolor spokes on the wheels in the future.

It would be really nice if we could take our custom created Color make it a favorite & use it when making a vinyl. Mainly I’m talking about the metal flake color options. It has the base color fine tune & the flake color fine tune.

Did they fix the metal flake color when I tried making my own metallic paint it just came out as a chrome colored paint without any metallic flakes. Which is a shame since you could make really good metallic paints in FM6 and decent ones in Horizon 3. Also they need to turn down the orange peel effect on the paint it just as bad as is was in FM5.

I don’t know about that, but I did notice the metal flake in fm7 doesn’t seem to “pop” like it does in FM6. I thought maybe it was the lighting in fm7 but now I think you’re on to something here with the flake not being right.

How do you use them on another car? I saved a Nissan color from the 350Z as a favorite color but it didn’t show up as a favorite when I tried to access it while painting a Skyline GT-R.

The problem I’m having is: I can save a manufacturer color as a favorite & put it on another car. Then I race in free play & it looks great. As soon as I go to a new race or upgrade the car or save the replay or turn the console off…BAM!..it’s a ugly gray color. Watch the SAVED replay of the race I just did & the other manufacturers paint on my car is gone. Anybody know any tricks to fix this?

I’ve reported this on the Tech Support forum already.

I hope their fix is not to patch it out of the game altogether as we used to be able to do it in previous Forzas but the feature was removed in FM5 IIRC and I suspect it may have something to do with licensing even though I believe most manufacturers will paint your car whatever you want for a price.

Yeah, I am having this issue now. SMH. one of the better ideas and it’s not working properly now.