Favorite Class Cars for C-B-A-S (Not leaderboard)

Hello everyone, I am kinda curious what the community is enjoying right now. We have had a ton of new cars added since launch and I want to know, leaderboard cars aside, which cars for classes C, B, A and S are you really enjoying?

For me,

C-Audi RS2 w/ RWD conversion

I love this old wagon and I love beating people in it even more. Something about racing a grocery getter against semi-fast sports cars is just so funny to me. Plus it’s got great boy roll for drifting.

B- Rosney’s Nissan R34 Skyline

I don’t know how Rosney did it, but that PTG skyline is pure B class Gold! I love this car and I race B class just to race this car!

A- ZR-1 Corvette

Such a great, flexible car, and not super common in multiplayer lobbies. It’s not very often I see more than one. Usually after I have raced mine once or twice I’ll see people match the car but it’s uncommon enough I still enjoy it.

S- Lambo Aventador LP700-4

This thing is amazing! I love this car and even race it in R class from time to time. When the wreckers come out, I get in my tank.

C class - 69 trans am. Built to be good in lobbies and wound up setting top 100s in the process. Pretty pleased to put something different on the boards. Last I checked the car never finished out the podium and won close to 80% of the time. The car has been retired for the most part.

C class - 2012 charger. It drives really good for being a massive beast and laps aren’t bad either.

C class - neon with rwd swap and V8. Its a handful but fun. Its not really fast but does good enough.

C class - gen 1 miata. Just a fun little grip tune with enough pep to get going.

I don’t check the LBs much, so correct me if any of these cars are actually top cars. I only play in lobbies but this is what I run the most atm, almost all my tunes are from the sf.

C class
69’ Mustang - speed tune
03’ Celica - grip tune, could not find a tune that got rid of that ugly bodykit so i made my own
91’ E30 M3 - when i feel like going into opposite lock everywhere

B class
07’ Shelby GT500 - all around tune
92’ NSX-R - grip tune
11’ CTS-V - speed

A class
11’ SLS AMG - good grip and accel
12’ C63 AMG - crazyness
10’ 599 GTO - speed
07’ 430 S - Grip

S class
Don’t race in this class much but I mostly only use the Enzo iirc

C class - E30 M3 favorite car in the game and I’ve made tunes for just about everywhere.

B class - 1M with the supercharged V8 is an intense beast.

A class - I drive a stock MC12 a lot.

S class - Enzo just because I like it in white so much.

A and B are the only two classes that I race in so far. I’ll probably venture into S eventually, but for now…

B class
Speed- 1997 BMW M3
Handling- 2013 Subaru BRZ
All Purpose- 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator
I also love picking the R34 Skyline, Evo 6, 1969 Trans Am, and the Ferrari 250 California. Not sure if any of these are LB, but B class is so wide open it’s tough to say.

A class
Speed- Ford GT
Handling- Lotus 2-Eleven
All Purpose- R34 Skyline
I am also a big fan of the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, Lancia 037 Stradale, 2002 Camaro, and the Plymouth Cuda.

huh, interesting choices.

C class my '69 gto… amazing lobby car