Favorite/Best cars for track/online adventures in each class? Here are my favorites, what are yours?

What are your favorite cars for each class when you are playing online roadtrips. Here are mine but it is getting a little boring using the same cars over and over. Let me know your favorites.
These are my favorites based on handling, acceleration and all around track/street performance.

La Ferrari
Ford GT Horizon Edition

Subaru BRZ Horizon Edition
(rally bulid) Subaru BRZ HE for off road S1 races
Subaru Impreza HE for off road S1 races

Nissan GTR R34

Let me know what you guys are using, i need to build something new.

Huracan HE edition - off road
F1 GT - track
Aventador - Playground games

Gallardo - off road
F1 - Track
Exige S - Playground games

Contach - Track

VIPLAMBORGHINI COLLECTOR hopeing to get one for each class

**edit been working on a track build for the Aventador but just can’t make it compete without the aero parts and they make it ugly :frowning: