Favorite and least favorite Forza games

What are your favorite and least favorite Forza games?

For me, FM4 is my favorite and FM5 is my least favorite.

FM4/FH1. Both were the peak of the series. FM5 is least favourite for sure, that was a dark time for the series.

Loved them all since I started with FM 2.

Forza Horizon 3
Forza Motorsport 4

Forza Horizon 2
Forza Motorsport 5

From best to worst, for me, it goes something like this…

TIED FOR FIRST/BEST: Positions 1 and 2 go to…
FM2 and FM3. Damage modeling, wear and tear, and the endurance races, all a big plus for me. Variety of cars, parts, and tracks… Not much perceived difference between the two games, for me, really…

FM4. More simplified damage modeling and wear and tear, and no endurance races, compared to FM2 and FM3, were negatives… Race length wasn’t really an issue, as FM4 actually had more long races than FM2 and FM3, considering the high-level events… Variety of cars and tracks were still good.

FM1. It all started, here… Lack of PI system that came about in later games made making a car competitive in-class without moving up into the next class a bit more difficult. Damage modeling, wear and tear, and variety of cars and tracks was good to begin with.

FM6. Most simplified damage modeling and wear and tear I’ve seen in an FM title so far. Fuel consumption and tire wear are back, which is good compared to FM4, but we lost Mugello and Suzuka, and gained Long Beach, which makes FM4 more enjoyable than FM6 just from track list… Variety of cars is good, though—awesome to play with the '60s GP and Can-Am machines. Lack of options for restriction/specification when setting up a custom race, or when searching for applicable vehicles in the garage, is another negative, though…

I have no experience with FM5, because I skipped over it like some others did.

I did get and complete FH1, but did not venture into FH2 or FH3, so I’ll not bother giving FH1 a rating, as it does not compare correctly to an FM title.

Well you sure didn’t miss anything. Especially since you’ve played FM6. FM5 and FM6 are basically the same game. If I see gameplay of the two games, with the UI off, I actually have a hard time distinguishing them. FM6 is essentially a more complete version of FM5 with more cars, more tracks, showcase events and weather/night tracks. Gameplay wise they’re almost identical. If you’ve played FM6, then you’ve played FM5.

I think FM4 and FH1 were the last games they poured their heart and soul into before it all became about how pretty they can make the graphics and how many new things they can put in to appeal to the majority of people. Just going from FM4 to FM5 was such a downgrade in all aspects except for graphics and physics.

FH3 is a quite a bit better but it still suffers from repetitiveness and the fact that it gets boring quite fast (I’m thinking the HW expansion will help though).

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FM4 and 5 easily my favorite because of the strides they took in terms of physics and car audio.

I’m not sure if Horizon is in the picture, but 1 and 2 were really good. Physics were the closest to the FM games in Horizon 1.

FM6 I do not mind, but audio and physics were obviously not a very big priority. Either that, or they had to deliberately scale those back just to have more cars on track, night and rain driving etc. That still bothers me. Because what made Forza unique in the past has been the sim-like driving model on a console, coupled with great visuals and rich car audio.

Motorsport: FM4, the amount of cars and tracks it had was amazing, plus it is by far the one I’ve enjoyed playing the most.
Horizon: FH1, it had the best atmosphere plus I prefer the online format in this to the ones in 2 & 3. Plus it had the best soundtrack by far.

Least Favorite:
Motosport: FM5, seriously just felt like a demo compared to FM4, barely any cars or tracks, only good thing was the graphics.
Horizon: FH2, don’t get me wrong, I love this game but it isn’t as good as 1 or 3. The first one is better imo because of reasons above, and 3 is better because it has better cars and collisions off public online racing.

With that said, I love every forza game apart from FM5.