Fate of the Furious & VW

Nobody talking here aboute the announced F&F and the return of VW ?

Volkswagen was confirmed by Ar12Gamening Twitter, but i cant found the tweet (saw a screenshot)

So, the ““Forza Motorsport 7” The Fate of the Furious Car Pack, $10 value” car pack is a bonus?
I read something about a “Day One Car Pack”. Or are there two car packs?

Sure with VW? I only see a pic of a Beetle from the next Need for Speed in his Twitter account.

Edit: Youtube helps ^^ Forza Motorsport 7 : New Gameplay, Volkswagen & New Tracks!! - YouTube
About 3:20 mins he talks about that VW was confirmed to him.
Hooray for Volkswagen :wink:

The fate of the furious car pack could be the day one car pack. Day one car pack could be anything.

Here is the original VW tweet from Dan (found in the FM7 Car List thread):

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I think that day one car pack is similar to what was seen with FM5. It is a different car pack from the fate of the furious car pack.
Perhaps day one car pack will include various cars with special paint.
However, except for paint and name, it is the same as existing models.

Dan seems very happy to dish out all the info, almost excited to do it this time around, This is all great, love it!