Fate of the furious tie-in with horizon 3?

I normally don’t start many threads like this but search didn’t come up with anything.

I’m really wanting to get the digital version of fate of the furious but didn’t want to get it to early, due to the “dom’s charger” effect (forza 6, furious 7 promotion).

Does anyone know anything about a potential fate of the furious tie-in with horizon 3? I know that there’s some evidence of a tie-in for forza 7, but that’s it.

Did any one ever stop to think that the wording on the Chinse or Japanse Amazon site could be a bad translation

As much as I hate when people say this, based on prior games and the previous F&F standalone, odds are pretty good we will be getting something, at least for FM7.

Dom’s Charger was also in the leaked list a while back, so that’s good enough for me that it may be coming eventually.

Could you show me the listing on amazon for this I can read chinese and japanese

Could be nothing as they are pretty tight liped abuot things like this or may just be a F&F Car Pack for H3 Dont really see how it woild fit in to FM7 except as mabey as driver avatars Have Don or who ever was in the film as your Avatar.

Considering FM6 had a F&F pack…

It dose just goes to show how much notice I took of the car packs, and yes I do have all addons for FM6 as well as FM5, Horizon 1 2 and 3 and will end up with all the Addons for FM7 and Horizon 4 when released.

Speculation is a funny thing. I’ll only pay attention to official news from PG/Turn 10 when it comes to new content.


Got to agree with that T10 and PG keep things close to the chest we will know what we will be getting when it is released till then it is nothing but peeps hoping they will get what they want to get not what is actuall in the game.

No, please. The Fast and the Furious franchise has been dead since the second movie. And I am being generous.