Fastest S1 car?

My BMW 1 Series has a top speed of 245mph. I haven’t seen a faster S1 car yet, any contenders?

Many s1 can hit over 400km/h even cars like caddy limo and toyota baja trucks can get over 400km/h top speed in s1 class.

Many of the aero cars can hit faster, but the catch is a usable faster. Trading off handling for performance is the tough part.

Kia stinger with the 3.8tt engine fully upgraded has a top speed of 265mph in s1 class

Really? I was specifically interested in that car for a while (because it seemed like a funny asian muscle car) but I determined that a mustang was better in evey way. I never knew it could get 265mph in s1…
Also guys please stop talking in kph terms, I hate having to translate miles to kilometres.

Not everyone use miles (sidenote i still hate that game show kilowatts when using km/h so everytime when i want to know how mutch hp car have i have to translate that myself). Can you even reach speeds like 250mph outside of motorway in fh4 in s1 class car? In fh3 there was even a-class cars that hit could hit 280mph even when racing street races.

Great car. Thanks for the tip!

1956 Jaguar D-type is the fastest car in the game that I know of. If you take off the tires you get a car capable of a potential ~471.5 km/h (293 mph) in A class with a PI of 763 (no road long/straight enough to hit it).

I had a thread that listed the fastest speeds I could reach in game (tuning screen doesn’t count) and the top 3 were the Jaguar D-type, McLaren F1, Koenigsegg Agera RS. For usable S class cars probably the Speed 12, EB110 SS, and F1 are good bets.

I didnt even know the d-type was in FH4… I remember it was a ridiculous chassis in FH3, I thought they left it out of FH4.

McLaren F1 and Ferrari F12 can reach 400kmh on the interstate on S900 while being perfectly drivable - as RWD.
Of course you can just throw big engines in light RWD cars with zero grip tires and reach way higher speeds but they handle like garbage.

In FH3 I had a B-Class AMC Javelin that was ridiculous speed. Maybe 270 or 280 mph.

bugatti eb110 that’ll do 271mph in s1. tune is shared.

Forgot to mention the BMW is 4wd too so it can handle not so bad. It’s not great but I haven’t bothered to tune it yet.

hdt commodore 267mph but handling well it’s handles pretty mutch as good than train that is dropped on airplane.

Ok so my opinion maybe be uncommon/unpopular but the BMW i8 is capable of almost 270mph and is a really good car. People say that it’s bad and it is trash but I actually found it really good. I upgraded to S1 but putting in a V10 and inserting random upgrades. It does super well in drag racing and street racing for that matter and has a great acceleration and launch. I have no aero upgrades since I don’t want my car to have an ugly Forza wing or splitter when it doesn’t really need it. But I just want it to be good and fast.

I’ll take handling over speed any day.
How many races do you actually reach top speed?
How many races has sent your top speed into a wall or tree?
Biggest problem I see in this game is the speed demons.
Most of ya forget you even have a break pedal,just use the bumper or wall in front of you.

Yeah i dont get it either unless hes just asking what S1 car can go fastest on freeroam. My RWD Diablo SV can do 350kmh+ easily and still corner well. Love leaving AWD swap scrubs in the dust.