Fastest Drag Cars So Far

So far from what ive found these are the fastest cars yet:

Dodge Dart 18.980 (new time)
Ford King Cobra 19.387
2017 Ford GT 19.453 {HE and normal}
Ferrari 458 s 19.453
Lamborghini Adventador 19.789

all tunes are up in the storefront

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My Ford GT gets 20.057 but that was automatic probably 19.7 with manual

Is there a leaderboard for this?

Yes. It’s in the Outback Rivals. I don’t think it includes X class cars, though. But all the other classes have their own leaderboards.

Are these with AWD swaps or kept as RWD?

Probably AWD, my Cobra II is set up that way and gets close to these numbers.

swap it to awd cause it makes the accel better but the speed goes down on some cars but ypu can fix that by up grading the transmision

They are definitely and because my dart gets around the same time and it has a v12 turbos and an awd swap

Yeah, the Dart took me by surprise by how fast it is.

so far my lil fox body is king at rolls lol

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We need a thread throwing best record cars, like fastest accelerating, best Drag Car, Best top speed car etc, also their set-up and tuning to achieve them


The 6.5L V12 is a cheaters engine ! Ruins all the V8 fun at the drag strip. :smiley:


While I agree that the V8s and RWD should be left alone, unfortunately in order to be any sort of competitive the V12 is the engine to use, along with AWD.


What’s the deal with people being salty about a v12 swap in any car​:joy: If that motor fits in said car and is able to be used …why not use it? That’s like saying were going to have a freestyle rap battle …but you aren’t aloud to use the only language you know :joy:

Something is wrong with the physics engine which is the real issue: Problem with Drag Physics

I heard you can go 284mph in the Koenigsegg One:1 but I can’t get that out of my tune, must be modded or something?

I’m gonna get the Dodge Dart later lol

most cars will do 274 alot of them 280+ is bump drafting

^there are records of 294 MPH using Bugatti

Got 19.678 with Ferrari Speciale

Has anyone tried the Enzo-swapped Alfa 33 Stradale yet? Always seemed to be the winner in FH2 and FM6.

I don’t do much drag racing though, so I’m not too “in the know” of this.

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