Fastest drag car ET

So far the 1932 Ford ran a 7.841 with my kid’s tune which is slightly faster than mine.

My tune is available now on Forza and does high 7s low 8s with the 32.


We love 4 !

Fastest ive gone yet is a 7.4 with the Aventador FE, have yet to try anything else though.

Done a 7.57 along the strip at the festival in a RWD, Manual with Clutch, Atom V8

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The Aventador HE is even quicker.

But my offspring just smoked my 7.374 second ET standard shift, no clutch Aventador HE with a different ride.

Her former brain tuning headache is now a public tune @ FriendsOfTheNRA
for the Lamborghini Aventador FE.

Max buyout @ auction on The Aventador HE. is about 700k
and only available there but better click max buyout quick.

Those that played FH3, it’s like trying to win a Silva K

More to come later.

Out grinding, Thanks