Fastest Car Through Water?

Does anyone know what the fastest car through water is? I’m trying to complete a danger sign (the one on the island in the river, you might know it) but I can’t get enough speed up by going through the water towards it. (I’ve also tried jumping over the water, but I keep losing all my speed on landing and hitting rocks.)

Anything with a high ground clearance.

So any truck or jeep.

Bowler/Rally Fighter/Raptor/Ram Runner - you name it, a big tall 4x4 sort of vehicle is quickest.

To add to this, the absolute maximum speed through water is capped at around 115mph; this has been tested with multiple cars and tuning builds.

If you’re doing Danger Signs a Local Motors Rally Fighter upgraded to S2 will take down most of them with ease, although you may need a 2017 Ford GT (S2 or X) for a few that require higher top speed.

Or a speed boat,lol

I used an Ariel Nomad for that challenge.

Me too. Worked pretty well.

The buggies bro, buggies

Rally fighter or RJ Pro Truck (awd swapped).

I did this in the Bowler maxed out tune with soft suspension and max height Drive up river from ramp about 300 meters or so then head for the ramp flat out and you should clear the jump.

Probably a SUBaru…:smile:


A buggy. I used the Nomad maxed out.

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I have a S1 tune for the Nomad that will get you there. Going from the ramp, head west through the water until you see the sign up for the feature race against the boats. Turn around and aim for the left side of the right most barricade at the top of the ramp so that you don’t hit the trees on the left.

Out of interest I read the link in your bio about FH2 wishlist… thought it would be an up to date thoughts/discussion about FH3 lol.

Basically everything you wanted was discarded and not considered - game was basically the same, tuning options limited again - ended up with a nice fancy new map and the most competitive cars ALL being AWD straight line twin turbo V12 missiles.

Sad really :frowning:

I recommend anything heavy
I’ve noticed, heavy cars plough through water with more ease than small lightweight cars

Agreed (as long as you can keep the speed up). I’ve noticed that my S1 Nomad is very susceptible to being kicked around in the water if you don’t hit it square-on with both wheels at the same time. Big torquey off-roaders like the AT Hilux and the Trophy Trucks however will plow through with ease.

For the fun of it, I decided to redo this challenge. I did 432 feet in a fully loaded off-road tune of the Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid 2014. I fully loaded it with a V12 and because it’s heavy it did keep it’s line and flew nice and straight. Way easier than the buggies.

Wow, this was great advice. Not only did I improve my personal best on this danger sign, I improve my personal best on the Mountain Top Danger Sign from 809 feet to 944 on the first try using the Ford Ranger T6. Because it’s heavier it’s not bouncing as much and I can control it better.

Pretty sure I got that one with SatNite’s tune on the Bowler.