Faster times with >60fps on PC?

I only just realised I can get more reward points for free by playing FM6 Apex, so I just installed it on my PC, which is a silent PC with a low powered passive graphics card, so it only runs at 1280x720 30fps. Now, to me, it seems wayyyyyyyyyyy harder to drive fast at that res and framerate compared to FM7 at 4k 60fps on the Xbox One X, so that got me thinking, do people find they can do faster times playing on a PC at a higher framerate than 60fps? My thinking is that the visual feedback needed for all those tiny little corrections will happen earlier, so you’ll correct earlier and with a smaller correction.

Note that I’m not for one minute under the delusion that this is why I’m not the world’s fastest driver, I’m just wondering whether if everything else is equal there is some (probably very small) advantage to playing the game at a higher frame rate.

What you are seeing is more responsive input.
The higher the FPS, the more responsive the input will feel.
Input is detected at the start of the the frame.

at 30fps frametime is 33.3ms
at 60fps frametime is 16.7ms
at 120fps frametime is 8.3ms
at 144fps frametime is 6.9ms
at 240fps frametime is 4.2ms.


This is actually an interesting question. I’ve got quite a powerful PC and it can play Forza 7 at 4K and well over 60 fps, problem is when I run the game with an unlocked framerate the game glitches like crazy, so in it’s current state I prefer to leave it v-sync’d at 60 fps.

On the other hand I could run Horizon 3 and Apex unlocked with a lot less issues, I don’t think it made me any faster it just made the game a bit more responsive and enjoyable to play.

Would be interesting to hear other peoples thoughts on this.

When you say glitches, so you mean a horizontal line going from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen and just jumpiness in general?
Because that would be a case of not having a TV/Monitor with a high enough refresh rate, resulting in screen tearing. If you run with V-sync set to 60fps, a 60hz display is fine to use, if you run at 120fps, a 120hz display is needed. The higher the framerate you can achieve, the higher refresh rate your display needs in order to keep up with the information your GPU is sending out to it.

I believe most 4k tv displays run with a minimum of 90hz? 4k gaming monitors tend to be around the 120hz to 144hz range as far as I am aware. Not knowing what display you use, I cant say for sure if that is the case. But the information may be useful for others regardless.

No I mean the game completely wigs out as in crazy stutter, hitching and framerate drops. I have a 60HZ 4K monitor but I use Nvidia’s fast sync it’s similar to g-sync but done on the GPU side rather than by the monitor itself. Like I said I didn’t have the same issues with Horizon 3 or Apex.

Hey Nelly try turning the Nvidia fast sync off and see if you have better luck. I’ve seen on quite a few forums that people have had issues using that with specific games.

I play 2560 x 1440, 100+ fps, most importantly V-sync OFF. I certainly find it a lot easier to judge what I’m doing. I use a G-Sync monitor and thankfully I get no tearing or input lag.

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Even if you only have a 60hz monitor you will still feel the benefit of a higher framerate. You wont necessarily see all the visual information of the higher fps but your monitor will also have more frames to select from to display at any given moment.

Aside from minor things, or annoyances (like nelly is getting above), or tickrate issues in games, there is generally no downside to more fps.

Monitor also matters. Monitors > TV’s. A bad panel in its own right can cause input lag.
The may update to the one x enabled/will enable 120hz monitor support… (is it out yet)?

I tried this because i was curious. First off pc has horrible ffb. lol. I was at 72 fps all the way around and with only 3 laps in i had beat my previous xbox one time by a tenth.

The PC version of Forza has exactly the same FFB as the console version, so I would assume your potential driver settings for your particular wheels own software may be where the difference lies.

Hmmm. I set my wheel (csw v2) all the way up and don’t feel anything. I play all the pc racing sims and have very good ffb with them. Any ideas?

I wet 4 tenths of a second faster when I got a monitor with a 10 milli second input lag.

Input Lag of TV’s

Input Lag of Monitors

Click ^Links for full tables, explainations etc.

I built my mid range monster about a year ago. Loved forza apex on it but horizon 3 took some time from turn 10 to optimize decent enough to not crash every half hour/hour. Played the hell out of horizon 3 on my xbox one on my Vizio LED tv and i could race decent except when it came to night races. Even after brightness adjustment it was still hard to see. Once i switched over to the pc and got my setting right things changed. I had the FPS set to dynamic instead of unlocked since this is still a console game and big changes in the framerates = CRASH. With dynamic setting it holds 72fps stable with all the goodies turned up except for MSAA (2x or 4x i think i have it set at). Long story short i shaved 3 To 5 seconds off my best lap times. Now its not all just in the fps as on my AOC 144Hz monitor EVERYTHING is vibrant and crisp. I can see very well ahead of me in night races without getting a migrane and since i have my xbox one controller plugged in via usb cable i’m certain my inputs are quicker compared to wireless (felt this same difference with FM6 And FM5 on the xbox one). Not to mention sitting 2 feet away from the monitor compared to sitting on a sofa 6ft away from a big screen tv is a big difference too in perception. But bottom line is the game indeed runs smoother fps wise on my pc compared to my xbox.

As for forza motorsports 7…i never played it once on the xbox one. Just the pc this whole time despite all the glitches, bugs, comical attempts by turn 10 to optimize this game on the pc. Its working decent now though and holds 72fps solid with all the goodies cranked except for mirrors and that Stupid window reflection for in car view. Once again leaving the fps unlocked = CRASH after 20 minutes and the ups and dips in FPS can really mess with you in the middle of a curve. I should play around with lowering some graphics settings and try capping the FPS to 90 or 100fps because the game hardly stresses my pc as it is. I rarely see the I5-7600k go over 45% usage and my MSI GTX 1070 8gb barely goes past the 50% mark. The Video cards Vram use is about 4-5gb but System memory i have watched creep from 8gb to 10gb in about 90 minutes of play. I have increased my pagefile for my 16gb memory which i left at stock clocks (2100MHz) for the longest time. Every since i overclocked it to 2400MHz the occasional Stutter i would get on some tracks after a hour of playing seems to have gone away. This game Loves system memory but maybe FAST system memory makes more of a difference too??

I do believe the higher fps does make a difference but my pc setup is alot more direct and up close compared to my laid back xbox one in the living room arrangements. And I still believe a xbox one controller plugged into the machine rather then wireless makes a difference with inputs too but thats just my opinion.

I agree that being close to a monitor seems to be better than being further away from a TV. I’m not sure if it’s just a field of view issue or not, i.e. if you had a big enough TV to have the same field of view would it then play the same. I definitely find it helpful to be exactly the right distance away from the monitor, the best spot is maybe when your field of view matches the field of view of the image on the screen.

Wired vs wireless is interesting. On the PS3 I always used the controller wired as I had a scepticism about anything wireless back then, and when I tried it both ways, it did seem less responsive when used wireless. I continued that with the PS4, but when I got the Xbox One X I decided to start off wireless and only switch to wired if I could perceive a problem with wireless. I haven’t tried it wired, but I have noticed that on the whole, my general tendency is to turn in a touch late, so I should try it wired to see if it solves that.

I’ve just played Apex a bit more and on some tracks it’s down to around 25fps on this PC, and it becomes totally impossible to drive fast at that frame rate. I think some frames must be further apart than that, because it can look like a slide show at times. It just becomes impossible to predict the movement of everything from such infrequent visual feedback. So there’s no doubt in my mind that a faster frame rate will allow you to drive faster, at the level of going from 25 to 60, the question is how much more of a benefit there is from 60 to 72, 72 to 100 etc. I have an old R290 card, I might try that, I just wish graphics cards could be hot-plugged in and out, as I certainly don’t want it in my PC with a noisy fan all the time.

Maybe the leaderboards should show what framerate someone averaged for their lap!

Universal law, speed of light is at a speed so the closer you are to the screen the better your response is , Fact.

What? It has nothing to do with that. Fact.

It has everything to do with correct FOV and distance so that everything appears close to correct scale allowing for better car placement on the track.

Its why VR is so game changing for racing.

Some good testing of input latency here:

Looks like it depends on platform, but it seems the lowest input latency is probably going to be with a wired connection to a PC, with the Xbox One having higher input latency, but wired can be lower latency than wireless, depending on the game.

Talking about input lag, running wired helped a bunch in beating Josef’s first challenge at Road America. And with regards to framerate, when the game starts to lag the car would brake way worse than normal sometimes causing the car to plow off the road.

Playing on a launch model Xbox One. After the new console update every game ran worse. Her days are just about numbered. On the PC, there’s no problem at all. The 1070 runs steady at 60 in 4k.

a 1080 can hold 140+fps quite easily in FM7.
So the next test for someone who can be bothered is to run their times at 60 4K and then see if they beat them at 120/140 1080p.