Fast Travel Not Working

Anyone one else own all the houses and smash all the boards and still not able to fast travel? I can fast travel to Horizon sites and the 7 houses only,

Just one of the half million other bugs. This game is legitimately one of the least ready for release games I’ve ever seen. Still feels like we’re beta testing shareware back in the early 90s here. Reminds me of the pre-Christmas release of E.T. back on the Atari 2600. That was a botch-job as well. :wink:

Smashing all the boards isn’t required. I was able to fast travel at a cost as soon as I bought the necessary house. Of course, just about any time it automatically pops up the map wanting you to set a route to whatever events it’s blithering about, fast travel isn’t an option - have to back out and then manually bring up the map again.

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I love it! What a perfect choice of words.

There is only one house you need to fast travel.
Getting all the boards, just makes it free.

a) you dont need to collect any boards to fast travel. But it will cost you a lot of money everytime you travel.

b) YOU NEED TO BUY THE HOUSE that gives you fast travel to actually be able to do it. Fast travel boards only gives you a discount, thats all.

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I have purchased the 2M dollar house and have broken most of the fast travel boards. However, I am still paying 2k credits to fast travel.

You need to find all boards to travel free.

I think that’s normal. My fast travel costs me 3k, so guess you’ve broken more boards than I have.

No issues here.

Btw there is a great numbered map online you can use to get all the fast travel boards. It takes less time than you think especially when you fast travel from point to point.