FAQ: How are cars added and why are some left out of the game?

FAQ: How are cars added and why are some left out of the game?

With each Forza game release there are always repeat assumptions and questions about the car roster. These include:
- Manufacturers must be paying to have their cars featured in the game.
- Manufacturers must be forcing Forza to use car B if they want car A.
- Why are there no [manufacturer] cars in the game?
- We paid for previous game cars so why are they left out this time?
- Previous game cars should be easy ports to the new game.
- Why choose older cars over newer cars?
- Why choose this trim level over the highest one?
- Why aren’t the developers adding the cars the community wants?
- How are cars chosen for the game?

The developers have actually addressed most of these questions in the past. In short, there are a number of obstacles to the selection of a car, which include manufacturer’s agreement, licensing cost, development cost, whether the car is culturally significant, and whether the car makes sense for the game’s vision. These are worth a read to understand the context:

From FM4, a video on sourcing cars with photos, scanning, and CAD info:

On building the car roster (FM5):


On selecting cars for cultural relevance:

On advance planning:

On manufacturer concerns:


On car names:

On licensing brands:

On updating cars:

On ports and production costs:

On absent manufacturers:

Volkswagen & FH3


Toyota & FM7

Page Not Found


Porsche & FM7

On Wish List threads:

Finally, when it comes to the Car Wish Lists threads, some users seem to think it should be easy to pick from the top, and that the developers are ignoring requests. I happen to know personally that this isn’t true from my work tallying the car request counts and relaying that info to the developers. In FM6, were the most requested cars the newest hypercars? No, the most requested production models were the Nissan S14 and BMW i8, along with multiple models from the 1990s and earlier in the top 100 most requested cars. Were the Nissan and i8 requests in the majority? No, they were requested by only 5% of users, which means 95% of the community want something other than what each individual user requests. Nor is it practical to suggest that the thousands of car models that the community requests be available to add as DLC on demand, given that the number of unique models that have ever appeared in the franchise tops out at just over 1,200.

What the Car Wishlists show is that the community is incredibly diverse in their interests. It’s no wonder then that Forza car rosters are diverse as well, and will never be able to satisfy everyone equally.
FH4 Wish List data


Why do none of these Horizon games have any open wheeler F1 type cars in them? I just looked at the leaked car list and once again, there doesn’t appear to be ONE single F1 type vehicle in the game. At least give us some cars from the 60’s GPL era such as the Lotus Type-49 or the Ferrari 312.

…how cool would it be to drive one of these in FH4?

Can someone explain this strange omission?


What about the SS Name?

From the first post in this thread:

Not having a number plate might be a good clue

This doesn’t explain why those three Hotwheels cars are still not in FH4. After all they put the 4 ‘original’ ones from FH3 in both games. Seems odd to exclude those three.

Weren’t there vehicles in FH3 that didn’t have plates?

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They’re race cars, so I guess they’re more suited for Motorsport than Horizon. That’s the best answer I can provide.

I’ve merged threads, since other users will inevitably ask the same type of question about other types or makes of cars ‘absent’ from the game.

An inquiry about why is understandable, but if you’re just looking to make a request, those should go in the Car Wishlists thread pinned at the top of the forum.

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For Horizon you just need to ask one question and that is Dose this car have a Road going version ie can you buy one from a Show room and either register it or use as a Track Car and is not a purpose built race car, that there are only a very few ever Built and Built just for winning a certain type of race like F1 or Indy or Nass cars Formula Ford to name a few.


Do you have any idea on how they make the cars drive as realistically as possible? Do the devs drive the car and then drive it in game? Do they enter in the specs into a program that makes the car? Just curious

  1. "That is correct; every car that goes into Forza takes considerable time & effort to build, test, tune, license, etc. Some more than others. Forza 6 shipped with over 450 cars, many of which were updated from Forza 5 or Horizon 2 (a lot of work by a lot of people), many of which were updated from Forza 360 games (considerably more effort in terms of time & resource), and many of which are brand new to the series (a massive effort taking many months per car)… "

If this is the case, why does Forza 7 have so many visual glitches with cars? Did the same hard working folks not do a thorough check on each car? Is QC lacking this time around?
Some cars exhibit glitches that are in other Forza titles, so perhaps when gamers think “this is a port over”…can you blame them?
Please do explain why this thread even exists and grows continually: https://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postst106180p7_-ANSWERED--Report-visual-graphical-glitches-here.aspx

Also, it’s clear you also outsource alot of your work to this company: http://www.glassegg.com/portfolio/
How does this impact assets and the content done in-house?

  1. “At the end of the day, we don’t decide what a car is called, the manufacturer owns that. And most of the time, they know better than we do.”

If this is true, why do other games that feature the same cars not name it in the same way? It seems kind of odd that companies would tell Turn 10 one thing but all the other companies another.
SS cars are named “Super Sport” in Forza titles (which is fine), yet in other games (GTS, etc.) it’s properly named as per the company’s own website.

Also, badges were removed from all the SS cars, yet badges exist for the same cars in other companies games after Forza’s release. Let’s be honest here, MS mandated this, not Chevy/Holden/GM, whoever. It seems MS/T10 implemented this to avoid a non-scenario. Will the proper badges return to the historical cars?


Clearly, in this case it was MS that was feeling uncomfortable with using the “SS” badge, for whatever reason. Regardless, GM had to approve of those changes, so it’s not something T10/PG/MS unilaterally decided to change.

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I remember those quotes, love it when JONK drops some knowledge.

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Year after year, game after game myself including millions of others, pay tons of money to purchase the game in hopes we will get a better slice of the pie. I know I spoke with someone at turn 10 at one point and someone told me that forza was based on European styles. Thats absoulutely fine, but you have other players who enjoy the japanese styling as well and someone is going to tell me that theres not japanese cars in Europe?? The JDM scene is alive and well and is not by any means trash, there’s people around the world holding records in Japanese cars. Lets see some vintage cult classics from Japan. Year after yr and game after game everyone except for the JDM enthusiast get what they want… How about some older Hondas and such please. We love Forza somall we are asking for is love back… :jp::jp::jp::v:t2::v:t2::v:t2::v:t2:

There is plenty of JDM in Forza, Horizon 3 brought Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk to the scene and now we’re getting drift suspension, more widebodies, stance options. You should probably use the car/features wishlist.

Keep in mind that for one … Toyotas not being in the games now is a Toyota decision … not a Turn10 or Playground decision.

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Wasn’t there an extreme offroad Toyota pickup shown in a video for FH4? Or was my eyes playing tricks?

The few Toyotas you will see in the game are not road legal and/or have aftermarket parts. We’re not getting any road legal cars (Supra, etc.) from Toyota until they come to the realization that they’re only helping competing car makes get more visibility among the next generations of would-be buyers. This isn’t limited to the Forza series either, they sort of disappeared from other videogame titles.

We’ll just look at the list of Japan cars. There plenty and there is a few with body kits and many models have much visual tuning option. I don’t understand as well why there so much but hurt that the FH4 is not in Japan. Stop thinking of F&F Tokyo Drift…you got all Japan legends cars!