[FANTASY] RX8 Collection - Design 02 Now Up

Hello all, and welcome to my design thread. It has been quite a while since I posted, or even painted, but after picking up a copy of Forza 6, I guessed I’d give it ago.

As a passionate Rx8 owner, I thought that there would be no better place to start, of course, than an Rx8! This will be the first in a collection of designs and can be found on my storefront (If it’s called that these days! I don’t think I’ve been played since Forza 3!) Of course it is a little rough around the edges but I’m fairly happy with it seeing as it is my first attempt in years.

Keep tuned for more designs in my Rx8 collection!

It’s safe to say my Forzatography skills need a bit of work, but nonetheless here is my next design in my RX8 collection

Designs look nice mate, some real funky patters. Keep up the good work.