[Fantasy]-Let me know what you guys think. LMTD ED. Forza Controller Theme

Looked at my controller and had an idea. Kept it simple, gave it a few colors, shaped and blah blah, and this came out… wanted to keep it partly bare for people if enough seemed to want me to share it.

Note: My first livery for FM6 that took me over 3 hours, quite rusty… last bit was in FM2.

Also, the blue is a bit darker, I brought up the exposure to help some of your eyes.

Very good indeed… I’ll download it and give it a like

You really think so? Awesome! Well, 1 like is way more than 0 likes I always say, I’ll share it ASAP!


OKAY! It’s is now on the list for grabs, I also made a few small adjustments.;
Title: LTM ED. Forza HS
Keywords: Fantasy / Humorous. - (Wasn’t sure about Original considering the idea came from the controller)