Fanatec Wheel Issue Preventing Playing

Currently, in the full game only, my E-Brake is constantly on 100% (Can see through Telemetry)

I’ve tried multiple different bindings. I have confirmed no wheel issues (Config Editor not showing anything untoward and Forza 7 and Horizon 4 Demo work fine. Isolated to full Horizon 4.)

I’m using a Fanatec CSL Elite Wheelbase and Pedals on PC.

Edit: More info, If I switch the wheel mode to XBox, the E-Brake releases, but obviously I have no wheel functionality.

Mods. Please delete. Known issue.

I had issues with my fanatec gt2 wheel but I found a work around, I installed the logitec g25 driver and use it in PlayStation mode… Everything works 100% now, an issue with forza games for me but found a video whilst googling about my exact problem

Was about to point out there was something in known issues post about hand brake on permanently, guess you found it due to edit.