Fanatec Motorsport Wheel Bundle for XBox One and PC. Few questions

For the last few days I’ve been playing with my new Fanatec Forza Motorsport Wheel Bundle for XBox One & PC. That package comes with the Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Base V2 Servo, Clubsport Steering Wheel Universal Hub for XBox One, Clubsport Wheel Rim GT Forza Motorsport, Clubsport Pedals V3, Clubsport Shifter SQ V1.5. I also bought a Playseat Forza Motorsport Edition, Playseat Gear Shift Holder PRO, Playseat Seat Sliders. I made a cart for the seat out of 2 dolly’s from harbor freight (18"x10" & 18"x30) and drilled them to a 2’x4’ piece of plywood that I carpeted and drilled holes into to attach the Playseat on. Having the Playseat and wheel on the cart makes it really easy to put it into position when I want to race and really easy to put away when not using it. I also bought a pair of Hunziker McQueen racing shoes what fit and feel great while driving.
I must say I’m very happy and impressed with the quality, look and feel of all the Fanatec parts, they are better quality then most real cars on the road, hehee. After downloading the drivers which were a bit tricky to get working to calibrate on the PC everything went great. In the Forza options I adjusted the FF to 40 what seems good for me and also the brake pressure to get to 100% quicker (forgot the setting), because I wasn’t getting fully on the brake too easily. So far I’m driving cleaner laps and my times are better then before with the controller. It really feels much better going into and out of turns with the wheel and variable gas/brake pressure. It’s a huge difference and makes Forza 6 the most enjoyable Forza I’ve played!! I feel like I’m taking off the line quicker then with the controller, I use the manual gear shifter to take off on the line then use paddle shifter for the rest of the race. This isn’t a cheap option compared to most other wheels/pedals on the market but the quality and feel are top notch and worth it if you can swing it.
Fanatec XBox/PC Bundle
As for the Playseat its awesome! I can sit comfortably in it for hours on end. I also added the Playseat sliders and gear shift holder and really happy with everything from both companies!

Now a few questions, does the LCD screen on the Clubsport Forza Rim display anything with Forza6? Or is that just for PC? I know the other Fanatec XBox wheel has a rev light and speed display on it. What about any aftermarket LCD displays that will work with Forza6? I would like something simple with a rev light, speed and gear, or is that stuff just on PC racing sims? I would also like to hear some options for displays that I can add on to my Fanatec wheel/rim for PC, I’m going to get into iRacing soon and would like something to add on the wheel.

Here are a few pics of how it looks, I also just bought a new 65" Sony XRB 4K 930D HDTV, makes Forza6 look awesome!!

Wish I could help but the only thing I know about the fanatec forza bundle is that I want it…I want it bad…real bad… : p

I was just about to make a thread asking if anyone has the fanatec bundle & how they like it.

I know it’s a chunk of change so wanted to learn about it & hear from people with hands on experience.

Would you mind talking about it a little bit?
Pro’s, Con’s, thoughts whatever

Thanks! Sick setup btw

Wow that looks pretty sweet. I’d love to grab something like that but my wife would tweak.


Nice set. All of the rev lights and the led display are only for use on pc (and maybe ps4 if this wheel still works with ps4, not sure it does as they have stopped supporting it). Glad you are enjoying it, but all the features you are wanting are for pc. So now seems like a good time to build yourself a decent pc and get to the real sims… unfortunately after that happens you will likely never come back to forza as it has the worst ffb of any racing title that supposedly has wheel support.

Suit yourself… and while your at it have a gander around these very forums about people complaining about how difficult drifting is on a wheel in forza… because forzas wheel support and ffb is garbage. Thats around a $1500 setup for a game which hardly supports what you just spent that money on? No thanks. Honestly better off putting together a $20 wooden rig, and getting a g920 (cheapest ffb wheel on the market for xbox1)

Thanks for your input!
Yeah, I didn’t mention that I have never used a sim setup like this & have zero hands on experience.

I couldn’t & wouldn’t just throw down & get it without a ton of research first.
But I really love the idea of having a Wheel, Pedals w/clutch, shifter setup! *don’t think I’d waste timr & money on cheesy plastic junk bcuz I’d only crave more/better

Have you by chance had any hands on experience with this setup?

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Not this setup but pretty close. I currently have a fanatec csl elite, with formula rim and clubsport v2 pedals and clubsport v2 handbrake hooked onto a gt omega pro supreme rig with triple monitor mount. I woukd highly suggest everything i have.

Prior to this wheel i had a thrustmaster tx and the f1 rim. Also have had fanatec csr pedals.

Right on, thanks again for your input.

Catch me if im wrong, so the main reason you would
Segjest your setup over the forza bundle setup is value? Pricing? Design? Function? Idk call it roughly what 8-900 vs 1300+?

Plus shipping obviously, we’re also talking about some different components & not comparing apples to apples. Thanks for the info!

I didnt suggest my setup over the forza bundle, I was justing saying that i have no/very few gripes with my setup and suggest it. What i was actually saying is this is way too much money to spend on a game like forza where the wheel use and force feedback is the worst of any game that supports a wheel.


Wheelbase - Forza bundle has the CSW v2.5 wheel vs my csl elite. The csw 2.5 is pretty much unknown as they did a surprise drop of it a few days ago. However its my understanding that it is essentially the same as the v2 except they changed a few products to make the wheel more reliable and even added a little more resolution. This is the best non direct drive wheel on the market. My wheel is a step down from this yet a steup up grom everything else on the market except for maybe the Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer base which i haven’t tested yet, (Thrustmaster I’m ready to try it out!)

Rim - The rim i have if you are interested in formula style is the best rim on the market before going to custom rims or insanely priced rims. However if you prefer more of a round rim/ gt style there are many options. The rim offered in this kit is much less of purpose built rim and more like a retro fit. It’s actually 2 pieced. The gt style rim with the forza badging plus, the universal button box. Although this isn’t a bad option as it would in the future allow you to use rims from real cars if you chose. What i don’t like about this is it requires a lot of adjusting on your end to get it setup how you would like. I also dont think it is really possible without customization to get a button layout i would really be comfortable with. However, you are very limited on the xbox side of things with this. You either have, one of their choices of rim, and their universal xbox controller or the p1 rim. I have the p1 rim also and wouldn’t suggest this thing on an enemy unless only using it for forza. The buttons are poorly layed out for pressing without looking, and they are also very difficult to reach while keepng both hands on the wheel. However, in a game like forza this rim would work just fine because there are few/no on track controls you need to worry about, so the buttons dont really need to do much with except for pause, rewind or pull up telemetry. Other sims have a lot more use for the buttons which is why i like them to be in a known spot. I just made an image that shows my button layout and uses on the formula rim, but it wont upload so i will get to it after.

Pedals - v3’s are very good pedals and have great adjustability. The pedals i have are the previous generation, slightly less adjustable, and also have a few weaker internal components but still very good. They are very heavy and feel quite good. You wont be dissapointed. Whatever you do make sure you go with a load cell pedal rather than a distance based pentiometer pedal. I havent tested them but supposedly the CSL Elite load cell pedals are also one of the best consumer pedals on the market as well and at a cheaper price than the v3’s which are good but have minor issues as well.

Handbrake - It’s cool, i like it for dirt, however unless you are a drifter or an avid dirt racer to me it is mostly a waste of money.

Lastly, the cockpit. I havent had that one personally but know a few who have. First issue with it is the center post design. It is not very ergonomic for getting in and out or using a 3 pedal setup. It also has a lot of flex because of center post design and isnt highly reinforced. The flex is probably much less of an issue than the post between your legs. My mate said he often had to do some contortionism or leg balet to work around the pole while racing. Not as bad when just lapping or practicing as all of your moves are much more planned and dont rely on others moves. I was also told that the ergonomics of the seat position is not great and that it caused pain from longer stints especially if you are a bigger guy (6’ range).

I have the same setup. no the LCD does not work with Forza but works great with PC games. glad to see someone else enjoying this. i got my order in just after the V 2.5 base came out.