Fanatec CSP V3 help

I have the CSW V2 and the XB1 rim and all of that works fine, but I’m getting nothing from the pedals! Running firmware 226 on everything. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Did you have them plugged in when updating? I don’t remember the exact sequence or combo I did but I went fight off the directions and pretty much plug and play to adjust the settings my shifter and centering my wheel were my issues and I had many very helpful replies to resolve them both. I am not that good with updating firmware or software. My wife usually helps me with this as she is WAY better than me. Someone here should be able to give you better feedback and you can also post in the Fanatec forum as there are some very helpful people there too.

Check out the support forum. There is a thread for wheels there.

Fanatec’s support forums appear to be down now. I did post this there just waiting on a reply. And I’ve looked in here but couldn’t find anything related. PLUS the black background and white text does a number on my eyes.

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Hey Mr Waffullz, I’m in the same boat! Did you find a solution yet?