Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel with Xbox P1 Steering Wheel

I have just purchased the latest CSL Elite Wheel with the P1 xbox rim and the vibration is absolutely crazy if rumble is turned on. Does rumble have to be off to have smooth feedback. Without it on the vibration is minimal, i can only really feel it when going over curbs but i like feeling all the bumps and traction loss which im not really getting as it is. The vibration is too much with rumble on, it’s really loud and vicious, it feels like the wheel will break in no time if i leave it on.

Am i missing a setting or is this just forza feedback on wheels. It is usable as it is but it’s not a patch on Assetto Corsa or Project Cars feedback (after all the stupid tuning for each car). Shame because Forza is a great series and i have saved playing the game until i could purchase a new wheel as my old one was the Fanatec CSR Forza edition one which was not Xbox one compatible. Any tips is appreciated. Am I also right in thinking the Clubsport V3 pedal feedback will not work due to being unsupported?


You’re correct in the assumption that the CSP V3 pedals will not vibrate according to the game. I’m not sure if the wheel base sends rumble to the brake pedal in lieu of direct commands from the console.

As for the rumble, I have read similar complaints about that on other forums. It sounds like it is an inherent problem of the wheelbase due its to shell and internal mounting points being predominantly plastic. If there’s any consolation, the new PlayStation compatible version of the CSL exhibits the same problem. And from what I gather, that wheelbase based on the CSW V2.5; unlike, the non PS4 compatible CSL base. I don’t know if it’s going to break because of the vibrations, but I am not an expert in this either.

As for feel in game, that’s definitely a Forza problem and not your wheel. Every version of Forza I have played with a FFB wheel was notably weak in the road feel and force feedback departments. All too often I had little idea of what the front wheels were doing, when playing FM2 - FM4. This was highlighted for me when Forza 3 introduced Sim-Steering. The vague road feel turned racing into an exercise in frustration. I eventually learned how to control the cars in FM3 and FM4 with Sim-Steering on, but I never felt completely confident. Most of the competitive races I played, I used normal steering.
To compare FFB feel, NFS Pro-Street and NFS Shift conveyed much more feedback as to what the car was experiencing. And I played Pro-Street on the WRW. It felt stronger and better than my CSR in Forza. The only game I can think of where Forza had stronger FFB, is Race Pro; but that game kicked Forza’s butt in detail after it’s final patch.

Being that I haven’t played XB1 with a wheel (that will change in September), I don’t really know for myself if Turn 10 improved Forza’s FFB. But from what I’ve read, the game is still vague and weak in the FFB department. A while ago I was about to grab a TX, and I asked about what games will really work the FFB on that base. Forza 5 & 6 weren’t brought up. PCARS and AC were.