“False Advertisement” in the word “Motorsport”

I’m sitting here watching the 24h of LeMans I can’t but see all the FM7 Banners that are up … but when I think about it you only have two out of 19!!! up to date cars of LeMans… I’m Puzzled …? The M in FM7 doesn’t stand for Motorsport, it stands for Matchbox


So all the Le Mans cars previous to 2019 mean absolutely nothing? We’re unlikely to get any more cars, people forget this game is old.


True thats a good point, but if the next FM game does not have the new hypercars then its a loss for them.


The car choice is the least of my worries when it comes to this game lacking purest motorsport vibes. Have you seen how players actually race in this game? it’s a play ground out there.

Thank you for your feedback.