Falling - Event Lab race

Most of the seasonal event lab races (?) are fine I guess. Generally not much to them other than getting from point a to b without any other cars. Some are just annoying like the Go Kart one from a few seasons ago because 3 trucks got trapped in a section making it really difficult to get by them. This season’s “Falling” is by far the most pointless and ridiculous event to date. This even was clearly not tested before being selected to be part of the season and just really leads me to want to avoid event lab events in general.

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I agree.

Hold the E-brake and rev the engine. Then let go of the brake to inch your way forward.
I agree tho

It was awful.
I guessed afterwards though that maybe it would work on manual with clutch? That being the only way to put it into neutral / floor the clutch and coast.
That’s just a guess at just what the hell that was about.

I liked it. It’s like a riddle or puzzle. You have to figure out how to reach the finish. Which route is the best? How do I carry as much speed as possible through the last checkpoint? I was able to finish it in a Bronco which I had swapped some time with the 1775 hp engine and after a few tries I completed that event in 2:05. I didn’t think it was that hard. I had more trouble with the challenges from last week.

You make it sound 100x better then what it was lol. Maybe if they explained it like this ahead of time then many of us might have appreciated it a bit more.

I kind of got the idea before the race but I thought it was going to coast in N the whole race, not just after a few checkpoints. I thought we were going to roll down a steep route and had to drive all the way to the finish. This was fun too though imo

There’s 2 types of players in this game. Those that read the challenge title and description and those that don’t. I’m the latter lol :joy:

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Yeah, I saw the word ‘coasting’ and first thought it had something to do with the beach but then I read the ‘N’ and it occured to me that we’d probably have to roll down a hill in neutral

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This was a bad weekly event. If PG want to highlight eventlab content they need to give it its own hub (instead of selecting from individual race start locations) and they need to leave it out of the weekly points. Too many of them have been duds or just poorly designed. This week’s Coaster event was the worst by a long shot. 8:44 mostly traveling at 6mph through town thinking I’m gonna turn the corner and get a checkpoint. Nope. Boooooooooring.

It does have its own hub. The point of the seasonal playlist is to encourage (force) users to try everything.

I don’t quite agree with you that the event labs they have added are bad as some event labs in recent weeks at least have been really good and one in particular 2 weeks ago was extremely good and received huge praise.

Can’t please everyone though including myself. Some love it, others hate it. Some find it easy, others find it too hard. Some love multiplayer content, others despise it. Personally I just wish the festival playlist wasn’t in the lime light each week and that there was something else to focus on instead but there isn’t.

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