Fairlawn Manor perk isn't working?

Hey everyone,

Don’t know if this is posted elsewhere but has anyone bought this property and it’s fast travel anywhere perk isn’t working? Still coming up as having to pay for using this feature, I was thinking if you bought the property that fast travel would be free?

No, you are miss understanding the perk.

Without the perk you can only fast travel to the festival site and maybe your houses. With the perk you can fast travel to any location on the map (not just the festival site and your houses) in both situation you have to pay to fast travel.

There are bonus boards (70 if I remember correctly) that make it cheaper to fast travel, once you find all of the bonus boards fast travel is free.


Ah OK thanks for the response :grin:

Buying the house gives you access to fast travel, you still have to pay to use it. If you break all the “Fast travel” signs though you’ll get to fast travel for free. Without the house you can’t use it at all (paying or not)