For those of you that are not Titanfall players - Respawn recently turned on cheating detection software on the PC version. Fairfight seems like something that could be applied to racing games as well.

Do you think we’ll ever see an application in Forza of this type of detection software to get the crashers and rammers grouped into lobbies where they can only play with each other?

It already kind of as been implemented in a way. You get grouped with people matching your skill level so crashes should theoretically be grouped together were as faster cleaner racers shold be grouped together

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I hope it ultimately works better than the 360 system. The five-star rating system on 360 was not only useless but actually penalized the wrong players. To date, I’m still at just three stars, not because anybody had issue with me but because I rarely play online. I really just played some dozens if hours on GTA Online, often with just one friend in private games, and some Forza races with one friend. When players see my rating, they assume it’s because I’m an unsporting player, which is just plain wrong. Players who actually are jerks usually seem to somehow still have five-star ratings, and I rarely saw anyone below five stars and never below four.

Thats pretty awesome! Cant wait to clean up the lobbies

No I don’t think we will see it in Forza.

Why? Because the cheats they are talking about in Titanfall are hacks, modded software etc.

It is a different type of cheat with a distinct, game changing advantage.

Crashing, ramming is different.

Firstly it would need to be detectable by software. May be possible but racing games that have tried to apportion blame in the past have not been 100% accurate.

Also to dish out bans it would need to be clear cut. Was it a one off brain fade that caused the crash, was it the car at the very back that forced 3 more cars to slam into cars in front or was it definitely a deliberate crash by player x. And even if it was a deliberate crash, is one crash enough for a ban?

I know what a lot of gamers think about this but my question is more about what rule the “Crash Team” applies to this. I suspect it is something like multiple, deliberate crashes.

In my opinion it is all too grey for it to work in Forza.

But please understand that does not mean I am happy for deliberate crashers to remain in the game.

sat its all in the math. someone intentionally wrecking people will have more wrecks that the people trying to miss each other. the crashers wreck % will be much higher over time. but they are doing it with rep. if you get blocked by enough different people you are going to be thrown in with other undesireables, greifers. there is a thread on neogaf where some are upset…“i paid good money to greif people and denying me that right is stealing my money!” the greifers are afraid it is going to work, and they are not at all happy about it. greif too much and they starting locking you out of online stuff like twitch. they are going to deprive trolls of the attention they seek.

Sounds great to me!

I just want the class restrictions in Rivals to be properly enforced.

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