Fair racing

Five hours in and maybe three clean races.
Some of us at level 700 plus have put bare time into getting the cars etc, so first corner rammers need to reign it in.
I’m not allowed apparently to name the worst, but y’all must have seen the clowns.
Oh and as good as this game is (not quite TDU2, but rad anyway), if I goosed three million pounds on a Koenigsegg and got overtaken by a Buick on the motorway I’d be disappointed.
That’s all : great game but ruined by cheats and unrealistic speeds on cars.
Finally, to the French person who asked me “nique ta mere” earlier today : I have a French degree and am 41. So I can’t do that for you

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Clean race on Forza? Not a chance. 98% of the people can’t tune a car correctly and think balls to the wall, bouncing around like ping pong balls is the only way to win a race. I spent 4 hours last night playing and had maybe one clean race.

I’ve been in plenty of clean races even in Public Games.

Contrary to public belief, not everyone tries their hardest to ram and play dirty. Those players usually fall into two categories:
A)They do it on purpose. These guys do it because they enjoy it,they take pleasure in angering you, and they also tend to race with some skill. These people you block, report, and simply leave after the race.
B) They aren’t that skilled and it was an accident. These players tend to fall towards the back of the pack rather quickly and don’t bother you much longer.

The simplest way to avoid type A is to report them, block them, and move on. From there, add people to your friends list from the community and these forums, and those that you meet online that race clean. As your friends list expands and fills with clean racers it is much easier to race with like minded people and you can fill out Private Online lobbies.

The simplest way to avoid type B is to get out in front of the pack quickly and take the first corner and leave them all be. The other approach is to slow down a bit and watch the first corner mayhem and then avoid it all and continue racing.

I have found my fair share of wrecking and poor sportsmanship online but I don’t let it ruin the game for me. Some days it’s worse than others and I simply play a different game; however, overall the feel of online is that most people want to have fun, play clean, and have various degrees of skill so you sometimes see the occasional wreck. I’ve even caused massive wrecks myself on occasion, it’s not on purpose and I apologize over the headset and hope people understand. If you’re racing neck and neck and pushing it really hard and hit that awkward bump, nick a tree, or take a corner and “where did that traffic car come from!!!” oooops there’s a wipeout…

find people that race clean and have fun.


The unrealistic speeds are the result of upgrades and tunes. People can set the transmission to reach a high speed while having enough acceleration to do so.

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Try racing in lower classes, D through B. The racing is more technical, and the “Speed Freekz” tend to avoid it.

Not saying there aren’t people in S2 class who know what they’re doing, far from it. Just saying the ratio is worse.

It doesn’t really matter what level you are. Some of the finest drivers I’ve seen are pretty low levels (a couple of whom I presume are second-accounters or second-playthroughs) and some of the worst drivers have been pretty high levels. There was a guy who was level 630 or something and just ramming folks around on purpose.

As for getting beat off a Buick, that’s part of the fun. I totally get what you’re on about when you jump in a stock super or hyper car and then you get whacked off of something you totally shouldn’t, but that disappointment and frustration is only beaten by the satisfaction of being in the underdog that’s just passed a hypercar!


I haven’t played FH2 online but I’ve played FM5 online and seen plenty of crashing. I had heard plenty about how online is full of crashers. However, in FM5 I extensively studies replays and found almost all crashes to be unintentional. In dozens of crashy races I found just one obvious crasher and one guy that tried to retaliate but got the wrong guy.

As for the Buick, that’s not cheating and not unrealistic. Players can upgrade any car, usually so much that they basically aren’t really their original cars at all anymore. They can replace the entire engine, replace the camshaft, bore larger pistons, add a turbocharger, swap the drivetrain, strip out 800 pounds of weight, add a roll cage, replace the transmission, replace the suspension and sway bars, replace the brakes, replace the rims, increase tire width, swap tire compounds, replace the flywheel, replace the electronics, replace the cooling, replace the exhaust, replace the air intake, add wings, and more, and that doesn’t even count tuning. By the time a player is done upgrading, there can be little left of the original car. That’s not cheating, as the game allows this.


I know it’s not cheating buddy but imagine driving down the motorway in your £3million car and something off Kojak wails past you.
You’d pull over and cry.
I have a Transit on here that does 180 plus done out in A Team van colours so it’s all good bro

That’s the kind of thing I look to build and drive, not only are you passing someone who think’s they are the bees knees but your also making them look twice as you go pass them in the unexpected…makes me smile :slight_smile:

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You have to do it. All my cars if poss have number plates, but I do have a Lotus Eleven done up as the old school batmobile too.
Just wish it was as good as TDU2. That’s still the champ for me.
See y’all on the roads look for the “FNA 41” plate

I had a lot of trouble with french people. No matter how much you try not to touch other cars, some bumping always happens and I use to apologise after a race, but in some way many french drivers I met can not understand that bumping happens unintentionally. They seem to be more sensitive in a certain way and they also seem to be better driver, because apparently they never bump other cars during online road trips :wink: