F7 Demo...How to use a USB analog controller?

I just downloaded this demo but my CH Mach 1 USB joystick does not show up in the controller option menu . It’s connected to a Rocketfire RM-203 USB converter which shows up and is calibrated under the Windows 10 “USB Game Controllers” menu as a 2-axis, 8 button controller. Is there a “magic” setting in Forza that allows a non-Xbox USB controller to be used?

I had assumed this being a MS product that any controller recognized by Windows would work. Is this just a known bug with the demo or does the full game also not see all USB controllers? Demo looks great, but I need an analog controller to really have fun. Thanks in advance for any insight!

USB controllers are set up in the ‘Input Options’ page. ‘Controller Options’ is just for Xbox-compatible pads.