F7 - deadlines and the Corporate dollar

So, here is another take on all the complaints and issues raised. It looks very much like the pressure to get this game out at a particular time has meant that a lot of things had to be cut from the day 1 version. Big money to get the game delivered. Jobs on the line. Long, long, long hours put in by all to try and make it happen. Clearly the plan has been for some time, per F6, to hit the release date then ‘top up’ the features as they finish development. Give T10 a break, I’m sure they are working their butts off to make it as good as they possibly can, as soon as they can. Peace.


They had it pretty darn close. All they needed was a larger car roster, graphics to pace with the times, and physics to improve as technology allowed. Perhaps there were some features or changes that could have been added.

Instead they made Forza 5 and continued to tank.

when do they realize what they’re doing isn’t working? Is it because Microsoft has then in their pocket (it’s literal y an MS studio) so diminishing sales don’t hurt them as much?

Sales figures don’t lie. Even when you take into consideration percentage of copies sold versus number of consoles sold.


What are you even talking about? All of those things are fine. 700 cars isn’t good enough for you? The graphics are fantastic, and the physics are fine for anyone who isn’t a track day racer. The real problems are outside of the race track: loot crates, credits and XP earned through time spent in the game rather than racing with advanced settings for an extra % boost, embarrassing multiplayer that’s a huge step down from FH3, or even Driveclub, a PS4 launch title. It’s just a mess. I like the racing, but everything that surrounds it is hot garbage.

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you did read the very next sentence, right?

To make Forza 4 better. That’s all they needed to do to keep improving on an amazing game.

Now, the graphics are ok. They’re stepping backwards on the xbox One but they still look good. Not on Xbox One they look amazing.
The physics have improved with the technology.
The car roster has gotten much bigger.

It is progress. But it’s the last bit that has gone down the drain and really ruined it for many isn’t it? It is a huge mess. It was a huge mess with the launch of FM5, it held steady for FM6 and now it’s continued to slide. They had this figured out with FM4. As I said, some additional features would have been good, but all they had to do was continue down that path. Just look at everything else in FM7, it would have all come together. It should have all come together in 2013.


The racing has everyone agreeing. This is the main part of the game isn’t it? Like I said, give them a chance to get it right. It will never be perfect or please everyone. I’m just as frustrated as everyone else here ( well ok not as much probably ), but I think give it a month or two and a lot of concerns would have been addressed.

Go find a mode where you can race against someone in your S class Ford Mustang '15 please.

Oh wait, after you beat the game, and grin away to get loot crates you may just be lucky to get the Mustang in one. Once you’ve wasted 30 million CR trying to get the Mustang, you still can’t upgrade it beyond it’s minor, minor, homologation window and play with another human being. That’s a problem, isn’t it?


Yeah it is. Like I said though, I’d expect class lobbies to reappear after a while, along with a load of other fixes.

I’m hoping they’ll come back, but certainly don’t expect them to. Homologation was the magic fix, it would be a huge step down to go back. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

The problem is the core of Forza 7 is a really great game. If they spent the time polishing the game that they spent trying to make microtransaction a major part of the game it would have been launched as a Fantastic and complete game.

Very refreshing to read. I appreciate your perspective and agree completely. They are people just like us with stuff on the line and a lot at stake. Fixes will come and we just need to be patient.

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They had 2 years to develop this game, same as every other Forza.

I really hope they listen to the community and fix it up as time goes on.


I keep seeing this written here on these forums. When are you all going to realize that “The Community” doesn’t really matter in this. Dan G said it around the Forza 6 release and I will paraphrase it a bit but “If your vision for Forza doesn’t align with Turn 10’s vision then there are plenty of alternative racing game options for you now”. Whatever gets written, asked for, demanded, whatever, on these pages means Jack **it. You can either Buy it or not.


I haven’t bought it because I’m waiting to see if they actually make changes instead of buying and hoping for something that might never come. I agree that some people are a bit too optimistic but with the current pressure from everywhere they’ll have to make changes.

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I suggest you check out the News section and read the letter to the community. Seems like they are, in fact, listening. Granted, what is stated in that letter can be taken two ways - as geniune, or as a simple PR stunt to fool the masses into thinking they care (and to stem the refund bleeding). Take it as you will.


Saying they had two years to make it just doesn’t wash. How many games release dates gets pushed back? Think Red Dead 2 as a prime example. Difference here is pressure obviously applied by MS and resulting poor decisions. If you have ever worked on a huge project, you will know there are so many things that can go wrong and cause a slip in delivery date. Bottom line is, it will get better with more features over time. In the mean time, stop hating and just enjoy the racing. That’s why you bought the game, remember?

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I didn’t buy the game and I’m not hating. I won’t buy a PC game that has massive stuttering issues. Even excluding PC only issues, some of the decisions/design choices made are very strange.

There’s always a Forza Motorsport game every 2 years and I don’t see anything major added this time to justify the cutting of some features. If anything, this is one of the smallest jumps in content/features of any Forza game.

If you’re enjoying it that’s great and I’m happy for you, but the game doesn’t appeal too much to me right now. It probably has the best driving of any Forza but unfortunately the whole package isn’t great in my opinion and that’s what makes it so frustrating.

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Each game now is merely a status update “Here is everything we laser scanned as of this date”

That’s why each game has the last’s DLC as standard equipment

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Yeah, that’s not true and you know it.

If it were, then why hasn’t the Pontiac Fiero shown up in any Forza game since 4?

Another example is the Nissan S-14, that was only in Forza 1-4, disappeared in 5 and 6 and just came back now, only as the 2nd generation instead of the 1st generation like the first 4 games.

If your statement were true then they would have both the 1st and 2nd generations of the car in Forza 7.

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Biggest issue for me is the awful AI, I dont remember the last racing game i played that i hated the AI so much. I hope they look into that. the glitches and bugs i dont worry about unless they are still there a few months after launch.

The “AI” drivatars have always been sketchy at launch because they are all taught by the driver they represent add some players who put up fast clean times on tracks and you’re going to notice an improvement in the quality of the drivatar you’re racing. Arguably a harder task now that leaderboards don’t really exist at this time (yes there are boards with times but those are from that homologation garbage).