f1 car.

F1 car physics wrong. The car has almost 100 BHP more than it should. Also, no grip. after putting the power down(the right way) car will still destabilize with no warning. SNAP, and your in the wall. Very dodgy

That’s exactly how an F1 car should react if you “put the power down”. F1 cars are very difficult to drive, and if you just drop the hammer and go full throttle, you will spin out. Grip in an F1 car comes from downforce, and it you give too much throttle before you’ve got enough air going over the car, you don’t have any grip. Also, the BHP numbers are not wrong; if you take into account the ERS boost provided, they’re right in the ballpark for the Mercedes engine, which is what powered last year’s Lotus.


How the heck should you know? Are you Rubens Barrichello hiding as KillerWhale48?


Yeah Turn 10 got the F1 car completely wrong… I’m sure they’re an absolute piece of cake to drive fast in real life…


I absolutely agree with SilentTubba here - saw this on Discovery once. The faster it goes the more downforce and road grip it has… in an F1 car especially, you need to stay on the throttle and maintain speeds through corners and slingshot your way on exits. F1 cars are designed to generate tremendous amounts of grip through ‘throttle steer’.

At the lower speeds, you need to use gradual inputs and downshifting.

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It feels like it has no mechanical grip compared to the cars in the official F1 game or even the Formula A cars from P cars. Both the E23 and E21 of FM5 feel like they are driving on ice.

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Driving the E23 in this game is a thrill, but I fear that car itself may be a bit overwrought due to the way the F1 cars are implemented in FIA sanctioned F1 2015. Now when I say overwrought, I’m not referring to wheel spin outs etc (after much practice I can now accelerate without a spinout with no assists whatsoever!), I’m referring to the power output of the car as is the gist of the original thread. The F1 cars in F1 2015 behave more like you see when you look at the time-lap clips you see on the F1 site and they are a thrill to drive too, but much more manageable than the E23 in this game. Now that may just way the E23 in this game conforms to the Forza Tech engine, but the E23 in F1 2015 is to me a more realistic incarnation of what an F1 car should behave like. But still, the experience in this game is far more exhilarating than the E23 in F1 2015. I would love to see the Ferrari SF15-T in the game also!!!


I’m not particularly bothered about F1 or the modern car in game, but it isn’t done brilliantly. The traction is terrible. Yes you expect it to have a lot of power/wheelspin, but not being able to put your foot fully down in fifth gear? That’s way over the top especially when the McLaren MP4/4 barely spins its wheel in second gear, how can that be right? And using traction control on this game is a waste of time as its such a basic and frankly awful system. On top of that, because the DRS is automatic any medium to fast corner you have the drs open and therefore limited rear downforce, and the car either spins or stops if you have tc on. Overall the car just feels odd to drive, can’t really drive it like an F1 car due to lack of traction and high speed downforce.

The DRS is just there for show iirc.

If that is the case then the car just generally has very little high speed grip at the rear of the car, when the car should have more grip that at any other point.

It’s worth noting that Lotus came in 6th last year, well behind Force India in 5th, despite having the best engine (Mercedes). This is due mainly to both issues with the chassis, and 50% of their cars being driven by Pastor Maldonado.


Well, to be fair they both had the same spec Mercedes engines, they just didn’t have the money to develop and were on the verge of folding throughout the summer/fall. Force India is in the poor house too but their B spec car was really good.

And that makes it harder to drive than any other grand prix car from any period on the game? The car has been made to be difficult to justify calling it the pinnacle of motorsport in the intros, with best drivers in world etc etc (personal theory, no “evidence” just my opinion). It has less traction and high speed grip than the 60s F1 cars.

The problem with the E23 in the game is engine mappping.

Sure, F1 cars require psuedo-god talent to drive in real life but in game, torque is delivered 100% way too early in the rev band.