F&F XBOX 360 reward boards locations

I cant find the last 4 on Xbox 360.

So im thinking if all you who is playing it on 360 will put a photo up of the map.

And then we can compare and at the end find Them all :slight_smile:

My first 11 from top of the map

The next 5 from he bottom of the map

Thanks , will post image if i can find all 20

I think I’m only missing three boards? If that’s right, I’ll try to post a couple pics after I wake up later today. I don’t think we get anything more than that bonus Supra livery in FH2, but I like to %100 games so I may as well go for it.

I found all 20 Reward Boards.

Finally the last Reward Board after 2 hours of searching :slight_smile:


Oh nice, thanks man! It looks like I drove right past a lot of these and never even saw them. Lol


Now im 100% completion in both Xbox 360 and one :smiley: Thank you!

Your welcome :slight_smile:

NICE those were the 4 i was missing. I mean nice & NICE.:slight_smile:

OH! We unlock the Huracan after getting all 20 boards on the 360, the Supra is for the X1 version! I’m a massive Lamborghini fan, so I’m super happy right now!

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i’ll look back here if i cant find them myself…lol

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Still at 96 completed
I have found all speed cameras and driven all roads aswell

Mucho gracias. Was having a big problem finding that last board.