F&F DLC, Need to re-download if possible.

I was able to download F&F on my 360 when it was free back in April.

I now have an Xbox One and Horizon 2;

Is there any way to get F&F DLC re-downloaded for XB One or do I have to pay for it now?

Or wait till backward compatibility in the fall…

You downloaded it for the Xbox 360 and not the Xbox One which means you can re-download it as you’d like on the 360 but for the Xbox One you will have to pay for it.

I uninstalled the game in my Xbox One, only the game, and I would like to know if my game save is deleted as well. My console offers me to re-install the F&F Expansion, however I don’t see my game save anywhere. If I want to play it again, for a reason, do I have to restart it?

No your gamesave is not lost.

If you re-install the game then you will see all your game saves that are still on the console – you simply cannot see them if the game is not installed. Also, if nothing else, the game saves are all stored in the cloud so you’d have to sync upon re-install but you wont lost progress.

Good then.

Surely it’s like losing a game save. You will have to start again but your records will still be registered like the cameras and achievements and such.

Another feature lost on Xbox One, then.