EZ2D Tunes by MARsSPEED (Tunes will be updated on the OP)

EZ2D stands for Easy To Drive Tunes geared to for control on the Race Course!

Been tuning since FM2, took a break from FM4 to FM5, but got back into it in FM6…

In the early days I tuned many top LB cars while maintaining drivabililty. Shout out to MOD4Clay where ever you are for doing my tunes justice back in the day! Could really use you now to throw up some top 10’s…should also mention I was a former member of HLR in those days…

Anyways, that said, I can also cater to Top Drivers feedback to create top LB cars if interested. PM me or add me as friend if you just want some added resources.

All are fine-tuned over 4 tracks to Homologation, No TCS and are, No ABS. These are the following Tunes available as of today:

Over 20 tunes available across many divisions now.

Please follow me for the latest!!!

I ALSO WILL NOW TAKE REQUEST, TIME PENDING! Just let post the vehicle of choice with speed, grip or all-around preference. I’ll do my best to post a tune!

Due to Homologation, some cars are unable to have adjustable brakes

I’ll be checking back often for feedback. Enjoy!

Hey Mars,

Good to see you! I’ll be trying your tunes as I get time! I hope to see you on the track. :slight_smile:


Haven’t played much the last year or so, thought I’d check in on the new game and find this thread…blast from the past! I’ll be picking up the game later this weekend and will definitely try out your tunes (BTW I’m formerly mod4clay, HLR mod4clay, EMW…etc,etc)

Bump for Feedback

FYI, I"ve been able to place quite a few Top 25s and Top 10’s with these tunes. I’m not a great driver so others will put up much better times than me. Cheers.


Many new tunes added!!!

I’ve gotten some feedback from quite a few people with many placing top times!!! Don’t sleep!!!