Eye Fatigue?

I’m asking this here because it only happens when I’m playing Forza 7. So, does this happen to anyone else? When I’m playing my eyes start to feel heavy and want to close after 30-45 minutes of playing, I’m playing in the middle of the the day so it’s not like I’m sleepy or something and when I play literally anything else I can go several hours without any issues. What would be going on to cause this? If a mod feels this should be in another forum topic, go ahead and move it. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Not blinking, which causes your eyes to dry out. I have the same problem all the time. It is usually bad enough that my wife says my eyes look horribly red and irritated after a Forza session.

OR, you could just need glasses and you are straining your eyes.

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forza is unlike other games in that you need to use your eyes constantly which can lead to fatigue. other games, especially FPS’s, have breaking points where you can rest your eyes, even if only for a moment, and over time this allows you play longer.

I have noticed this with not only forza, but other racing games as well, but if I play anything else I can usually last longer. an hour of forza and I’m good, more than that and I start to experience a little fatigue.

Ok, I’ll try to actively blink more, but I have trouble believing that’s the issue I’m having with Forza 7, and not any other game I play.

It could be like WhiteKnite said, but I don’t remember having this issue with past Forzas, but it sounds like the fix is just take more breaks, easy enough.

Personally I find the text in this game to be too small. I have a 39" 1080p LCD TV about 7 feet from my couch and can’t read half the text in the game even with corrected 20/20 vision. This causes eye fatigue. I have no problem doing 2 or 3 hour driving sessions, but any amount of time in the menus and I get the similar sleepy feeling.


Dont know if this will make a difference but have you tried setting the consol to 720p this may make the text larger same as setting the res on a computer lower dose not certin if it will or not. I use a 46 inch TV set on 1080 so is not as big a problem but yea text is a tad small even on that size TV

Are you playing with the motion effects turned on?

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This may be the issue. I remember getting sick after 3 minutes of playing with this mess on. Once I turned it off I was fine.

Only problem I have now is not being able to read the text, especially when it comes to reading rim and tire size. I have to walk up to the tv from time to time and i dont have vision problems. Blows my mind how T10 ok’d the font sizes. I’m guessing none of them tried to play the game beyond the distance from where you sit in an office environment.


Wait until you get presbyopia. Can barely read my times. They need to make the font bigger. I mentioned this in 6 and they have now made the font even smaller

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Question to OP: Which camera view you use in Forza?

edit: I remembered that there was a similar discussion here few months ago. https://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postst110753_Racing-games-make-me-sleepy-drowsy.aspx

Better choice would be to give players option to change the size of HUD elements (not all people want bigger font).

Maybe it’s the sound of the engine, like when small children get sleepy in the car. Maybe T10 have managed in 7, to get exactly that sound which is causing sleepiness spot on. :sleeping:

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Could be mild dehydration.

If you’re using an in-car view, you might be subconsciously splitting your focus between a foreground object or reflection and distant objects. For me that can cause drowsiness and nausea.

If driving has become routine for you, it could just be that your brain is going into Sleep Mode out of boredom.

And as someone mentioned above, it could be the engine drone. After awhile it’s a bit like a white noise generator.

Try to turn off the camera effects (I think it is in the HUD menu). This helped me a lot, although I still feel the effect of a Forza session on my eyes and nerves.

OP here, gonna answer and address some things I saw so far.
I wear glasses for nearsightedness, but I’m confident they’re not the issue, like I said this only happens in this Forza.
For my camera angle, I mainly use follow low, but go in-car once in a while, and I turned off the motion effects the moment I started the game, it was disorienting in the demo.
As for the white noise thing, I have headphones in listening to music/podcasts or Twitch so I’m actively listening to stuff a majority of the time.
Dehydration shouldn’t be a factor for me, I always have a water bottle nearby that I drink between races.
“Routine” makes some sense, the only things left for me to break that would be to turn off the racing line entirely and/or turn ABS off, those would get the mind active while playing.

Thanks for all the input so far, maybe some of this will help others having similar issues. I’ll check back later to see if there’s anything else that could be going on.

I typically don’t have any problems, I’m usually doing league races or the forza cup so I have plenty of breaks between races to let my eyes settle. However, the current bounty ladder challenge has wrecked havoc on my eyes. I’ve stubbornly done 2hr stints straight through without breaks or rest (the time just flies by lap after lap when I’m close to beating a time) and this has caused severe fatigue in my eyes. I have a very slight stigmatism in my left eye and it doesn’t bother me 99% of the time. One week straight after grind the bounty my left and right eyes were out of focus with each other. This has never happened in a game. I think it’s a combination of the differences in brightness on this track between the road and sky (hdr) and just try to focus so intently on specific track markers in the distance when they are still tiny. A lot of headaches this bounty. But I’ve been trying to really pay attention to taking breaks, I’ve been setting a 30minute reminder. Just to take a 15min break and it’s helped.

I have the same problem as the OP. I have an older 32" 720P TV, that I have been using with XBOX 360 and XBOX One S for the last 4 years. I normally sit about 6-7 feet from the TV when I play. I have been using this same setup with all previous Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon games, plus FIFA, Call of Duty, and countless others. I have never had this eye problem until I started playing FM7.

Within the first 2 hours of playing FM7, I had to turn off camera motion effects.

Regarding text size, I have the same concerns. For me, the text is too small, and some of the colors they use for the text (orange), are terrible. Very hard to read.

OK my man here’s the real answer. Racing, all types of racing, takes tremendous mental focus and as a result a tremendous amounts of energy. Even though we are racing in simulation, and especially if you’re using the cockpit view, the visual stimulation of driving as if you’re sitting in your own car is real, albeit with limited haptic feedback. Also even though your brain comprises just 2% of your body mass, it uses 20% of your energy intake in the form of simple sugars. Also as you’re racing you should be constantly learning and getting better and learning requires extra energy. So if you want to race without getting fatigued after a short span of time, ensure you get a good nights’ sleep 7-9 hours at least or try racing after you take a nap. If you don’t believe me, try racing when you’re tired or sleepy, you can’t, can you?!