Extremely buggy

Where to start … Only been playing a week and clearly turn 10 has launched another game without trying it out on there own xbox 1st it’s so buggy it’s stupid my headlights never work in the dark gamerscore isn’t tracking after every race there’s a constant sound of money rewards so have to restart every race and online is just the same only 1 active lobby endurance GT that seems to only put me in lobbies that has just started racing combined with all the other bugs what’s the deal turn 10 are you bringing out a update to fix all this ? Or I’ll be returning my game for a full refund under the consumer rights act

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I’ve just bought the game and I’m experiencing those same bugs… Plus, I feel like this game is too dark overall. They should definitely add an “exposure compensation” option in the graphics menu or something.

Sad thing is I’ve just read their “known issues” list and there is nothing headlights glitches there (Forza Motorsport 7 Known Issues [PC/Xbox] - Community Support - Forza Motorsport Forums). That’s really disappointing because I’ve been seeing people complaining about this since launch date and I even thought it’d be fixed already.

I’m really thinking of asking for a refund too…