Extra Cars?

I’ve got a few extra cars, mostly common and won in wheelspins.
I’ve tried the auction house and while a couple might sell,
I seem to be relisting the same ones over and over.
At what point do ya’ll just dump the extra’s?
Is there a common thought on this?
Do I keep relisting them and hope I don’t win anymore of that type?

If a car’s base value is less than $50,000, I will generally list a car in the AH no more than 2-3 times before I delete it, although that was more of a problem before they raised the garage limit. Now I might list it 4-5 times before getting rid of one. Money is money, and if you can sell extra cars for even the minimum bid amount, it is still better than just throwing them away.

I just discard anything of low value. Can run a race and earn more faster than the time spent to relist often.


I either delete them or list them on the auction house and buy with my secondary accounts…then delete them lol

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I list it once then leave it there unclaimed, unless it’s something that comes up in a seasonal.

I list it, and if it doesn’t sell I leave it in the Auction bin where it will allegedly automatically disappear at some point.

I list them in the AH and re-list if necessary. I’ve auctioned off over 300 so far. Haven’t removed/deleted one from my garage.

If it isnt LEGENDARY or EPIC, I toss it. I’ll grab the wheelspins and discard it from the garage. LEGEND and EPIC cars I put up for sale

I auction until they’re sold. Over 325 so far. Haven’t dumped any.

anything I know that I have put through the AH previously and hasn’t sold (even for 3k!) just gets deleted immediately …it’s just not worth the time & effort to list 90% of cars i list just get thrown in at the minimum suggested rates by the AH
Often people get a bargain! I can tell that, when I list a car and it is bought out within a minute or 2 of listing

At what point do you dump the extras?
We you have to think to yourself the game has been out for how long now six plus months now, lets get that into the perspective.
Now that you know that you also have to think if keeping the extras are worth it and quite honestly they are extras for a reason.
You can only decide what to do with them but for a recommendation I would suggest to get rid of your extras cause they waste garage space eventually, and that in itself is an annoyance.

A few different thoughts and 1 with a hint of sarcasm.
Thanks ya’ll…

Hey talby is that what is known as insider garage trading LOL.


I call it "sell off useless junk cars since the game doesnt let me do it automatically " trading

I collect the wheelspins,car collection, money perks, etc from the car, list them once and if they don’t sell i leave them there.