Explaining driving technique

I need a little help explaining something to my friend. He’s relatively new to racing, but since playing forza for a bit (until Project Cars comes out) he’s started doing some odd techniques, but I don’t really know how to explain what’s wrong with it. Coming onto a corner, he’ll brake late and drop gears, but normally he’ll corner in a gear above the right gear for the turn. He usually goes over every line for the corner, then past the corner, he’ll drop a gear and accelerate to try to gain more exit speed. He also beat my prague lap time (which seemed a bit unlikely given the replay), so he got a big head and won’t listen to me about it. I want to be able to race cleanly with him, but I’m worried he’ll knock me off the road a lot.
I’m not trying to be a dick about it, I just want to be able to drive cleanly and competitively with my friend, and right now it seems like forza rewards poor driving technique. I just need help with explaining all the technique to him, because he seems to think that beating my lap time makes him a better racer.
Anyway, any feedback would be great :laughing:
FYI first forum post of my life.

He could be in a better car than yourself and getting a better lap time even with poor technique due to the car being superior.
If you tell me his gt and his position on the specific leaderboard, I could look at the replays both yours and his, then give my opinion.

Arc Sylvext is his GT, on Prague full in S class. If you want to see mine too, it’s on the same track and class, but I used his assists to see if it would make me faster (TCS and no clutch).
We both drive V8 supercars, with tuning but no upgrades, so I don’t see how he could be going so much quicker. I also use an alternate line as to what the game would try and tell you to follow; I disagree with how many times it wants me to run wide on a corner or apex FAR too late.
Oh and, his position is 20,861. Mine is 26,979.

As far as I know the game has always favored the gamer’s using poor technique. A “CLEAN” racer doesn’t stand a chance in this game.

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That’s not the case I find. All the top drivers use the same techniques as real racing drivers.

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you can if you wish to, watch my replay. Top 2000 in 6 laps with a stock build and tune except full aero for obvious reasons and no assists, using all the real world techniques i know. Trail braking, rev matching, early and late apexs and then tell me how i can go faster by not driving clean to help me go faster.

Right, So I must be watching the wrong races.

That’s not too bad a technique to be fair. I think he needs to be selecting the gear that he is using on exit rather at the point of entry after the braking point and matching revs, changing earlier will give him more engine braking as well to minimize overshooting the corner as you explained.

You have to remember though that a large %age of corners are taken faster usually 1 gear higher than you’d expect or feels comfortable at first

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sounds like he’s completely missing the apex and driving around the outside of the corner and all thats giving him a better lap time is a more powerful car . Guess the replay should clear things up.

Just watched and raced both your replays/ghosts.
Your very smooth but not pushing it also not using the
entire track. You made a mess of turn 3 and the slalom
after the bridge. You need to run wide on exit to maximise
speed. Also noticed your using all 6 gears and shifting a
lot. I used the stock transmission, which i think is fine and
never went over 4th gear.

Your friend is more aggressive but a better driver than you give
him credit for. He made a complete mess of turn 1 but
recovered well. The rest of the lap was quite solid and he
did really well through the slalom, nice line. He made a
mess of the last corner cost him a lot of Time.

All in all i think you have the potential to be a better driver
as your car control is better and for not the 2 mistakes you
would have beat his time.

I used the stock commodore, stock tune but with full aero due to the
nature of the track and managed a 1.54.4. I saved a replay
for you as i have allready set a time on that track and
have no chance of beating it in a stock commodore.
They not perfect laps but should give you an idea of how
hard you need to push. Best watched cockpit and handily
has a lap timer and best lap indicator included.

Btw have you changed the gearing in your tune? Or are you
shifting when then red lights come on, on the steering wheel
or at redline?

Not my best lap, admittedly. I tuned the gears for acceleration but it hasn’t turned out well with that. I generally stick to this rule: shift on shiftlights for standard corners, rev limiter on straights, and shortshift usually just after the green lights in windy/ sharp areas. I try to keep the tires from smoking to preserve the tire life.
When driving without assists, I use heel and toe and sometimes trail braking. Prague isn’t my best track nowadays unfortunately.
Also, he is a decent driver, he picks up on things fast. I don’t personally consider myself a pro, but I like to think I have decent racecraft.

Taking a corner in a higher gear can be beneficial if you. The shift will always slow you down just like in a real car. You’ll gain in torque from the down shift but if you imagine the your engines rev mapping in the dyno chart, when you down shift, you could be taken your engine to say for example 5000rpm doing 50 mph, while staying in the higher gear you may be doing 55mph entering the corner and running 5500rpm, so in that situation shift down will cost you time. If he’s shifting down on an exit, it totally depends on the car and the corner immediately afterwards but as a rule I get into the correct gear for the corner of the straight and accelerate through the corner. You should never down shift on an exit if it follows a straight. If you’re going to have to slow down to get through a corner you should do all your breaking before you’ve even began turning in.
As for his cornering, is he going wide to enter and tight in on the apex and exiting wide? If he is, he’s doing it correctly and that will make you instantly quicker.

If he’s faster than you around a track then yes, he is better than you around the track unless he’s in something more suited to the environment.

I post top 100 times and I can assure you that unless you’re very clean, as is keeping tire noise to the bear minimum by using all of the road then you’re not going to be fast. If you want a few tips feel free to add me on Live.

Watch the replays first.
The guy only shifts down on exit because he has made a mess of the corner.

There’s your first attacking point to beat his time then. He’s loosing a ton of time there if he’s doing that. If you do it like I described, I don’t mind showing you if it helps, there’s no way he’s going to be quicker than you.

Best advice I can give you is to revert back to the default transmission and Redline every gear, its a lot harder to control with the higher rpm with this car and requires decent throttle control.
You should never go higher than 4th and never below 2nd. should make up around 2 seconds just there

I also drove a stock S765 Holden and got 2:00 on first lap then 1:55 on 2nd lap (no aids, cockpit view). Replay shared in UPLOAD and on YouTube.

There’s no special technique required; just running clean and hard. I fully agree with fewer gears; in a car with gobs of torque, one would want to limit the available torque by widening the gears. Having more gears will make the car more difficult to drive not to mention all those gear shifts.

26,000 on LB would put lap time at just under 2:02. There’s a LOT of improvements to be made to that time. Sub 2:00 (~16,000 on LB) should be within relatively easy reach. Go back to 5 gears, even 4 as suggested by EMW Toffo above.

Chase some cars at about 2:00 range in Rivals. Go easy with brake/throttle triggers.

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I was really suprised how well the stock xbox one commodore drove without any upgrades or tuning.
I think I will make one with upgrades/tune.

How did you find it to drive GRD?

EMW Toffo, during the drive I was asking myself if I had previously tuned the car because it was driving very well!

The car was wonderful to drive. It has a lot of torque so at 1st/2nd gear one has to watch the throttle. For my liking I thought there was a mild understeer in corner entry but nicely balanced mid corner and exit. My only regret is taking the double apex right hander (about middle of the lap, just before the tunnel) in 2nd gear then spinning the tires at the exit. 3rd gear might have been better for that corner.

I loved the street chicane! The car felt so plush that it had no problem going over the 2 back to back bumps. Not too often I get 2 clean laps like that; speaks for the good stock settings.

GRD, I would like some help also on what I can do to be a faster racer, like online training for each track.


I’ll be glad to share what I know . . .